Why You Should Not Post on Social Media After a Car Accident

Social media is an integral aspect in our daily lives. The majority of people have at least an account on social media. A lot of people have multiple accounts use to communicate information about their day-to-day activities as well as their personal lives. However, following an accident in Los angeles, the use social media could affect your case.

If you’ve been involved by a vehicle accident in Los angeles contact Car Accident Lawyers Los Angeles as soon as you can. Accident Lawyer Attorneys gives you useful information to assist you in avoiding mistakes which could harm your case. They also explain reasons why you shouldn’t use social media following a car accident.

Four Ways Social Media Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case

Social media as a way to update relatives and friends on your health condition seems harmless. Sharing all aspects of our lives on the internet is something that we consider normal. It isn’t easy to comprehend why posting on social media following an accident at Los Angeles is not in your best interests.

There are 4 (4) hazards of social media that you have to be aware of before it’s too to late.

1. Your Social Media Posts aren’t as Private as You Think They Are

Everything you share on the internet is private. Insurance companies have methods of getting copies of the content you post on social media. Even deleted tweets, posts as well as photos and comments on social media can in your favor in an injury case.

Investigators and adjusters from insurance companies are adept at locating details that the company could utilize to deny you a claim or to undervalue your claim. Adjusters can “follow” and/or “friend” you in order to collect data. They could similarly do the same thing with your family and friends on social media.

No matter what your security settings regardless of your security settings, your social media postings can be viewed by. In some instances defense lawyers have received subpoenas from courts requiring victims of accidents to provide the details of their social media accounts.

2. Social Media Content Can be misinterpreted

Whatever the case is heard regardless of whether it is brought Los Angeles, a jury is likely to be able to hear your case in the event of a trial. Jurors might be confused by statements or photos you publish on the internet. For instance If a person asks what’s going on and you answer that you’re OK or fine A defense attorney could insist that you’re exaggerating the severity of your injury because you explicitly stated that you are fine and in good health. Jurors might not think that you tried to be positive or that you didn’t want to share the seriousness of your injuries on the internet.

Another instance is to say that you damaged your vehicle or that you’re sorry for the accident because others were hurt. Such statements can be taken as admitting fault which can significantly decrease the amount of money you receive for claims for injury. In some instances the statements may be interpreted as a ruling against defense.

Photos can be another issue when making use of social media in an accident. You can post a photo of yourself smiling at the swimming pool party of your niece. One photo can be extremely detrimental if the jury thinks you were healthy sufficient to “party,” but you say you were unable to perform.

It is not important that you only attended the event for a short time and put on an impressive smile due to the fact that you were suffering from severe discomfort. Your jury only will see your smiley looking, happy face on the photo.

3. Everything You Say Can Be Repurposed to be used against you

A lot of us utilize our social media accounts to voice a range of complaints. If you post a complaint about the accident any information you share could be used against you. A lawyer for defense may utilize the information you share to establish inconsistencies in your claims or evidence. It doesn’t matter whether you were taking medications for pain or stressed out after the incident.

4. Tagged Posts can also be Problems

It is not necessary to be involved with the posting for a post on social media to be a cause of concern in the personal case of injury. Friends and family members who post photos of you can cause issues. They might think they’re helpful, but they may harm your cause through making certain claims.

Tips to Social Media Usage After a Car Accident

The best method to prevent problems with your social media accounts after the crash of your car is easy and that is to cease making use of the account until the situation is resolved. Discuss with your lawyer whether it is appropriate to deactivate your account. You might not be able to delete the account as it may seem like you’re concealing some kind of secret.

If you decide to utilize social media in your personal injury case, keep in mind these important tips:

  • Never share photos or videos.
  • Never discuss your accident, health, or recovery
  • Do not share your feelings regarding the accident or the injuries you sustained.
  • Do not post any posts that relate to your present life such as your daily battle to heal from your injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Turn off comments and tagging on every social media account
  • Do not accept any new friend requests or join other groups.
  • Make sure that you disable check-ins on all social media accounts.
  • Change the security settings to the highest setting for all accounts.
  • Don’t post anything that is publicly accessible or could be seen by “friends of friends”
  • Don’t discuss your day-to-day activities or what you would like you could accomplish

If you have any questions or concerns, you should speak with you Personal Injury Attorneys immediately.



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