Why is Your AC Leaking Water?

Are you aware that your heating or air conditioner is losing water? There are a myriad of possible causes for this, however whatever the reason, you’ll want to get in touch with an experienced technician in AC Repair Techs Moody to diagnose the problem.

While you wait, we’ve got a few typical reasons your home’s A/C might be leaky:

1. The condensate drain is blocked.

This drain is used to move the water from the unit. If dirt, rust algae, or other debris accumulates the drain can either completely or partially block and block the drain, causing the AC to leak.

2. The temperature is cold enough for your A/C.

If you are trying to get it to heat your home while it’s cold outside, cooling coils may freeze up which causes that the system to leak. To avoid this issue do not run your A/C when temperatures are lower than 60 degrees.

3. The drain line has been disconnected.

Even if the A/C has been installed properly, it’s uncommon to see the drain line get loose over time. If it is too loose, it will completely cut off your AC and result in leakage.

4. The condensate pump has failed.

If your condensate pumps are broken, it won’t be able to remove the water from the condenser pan which causes the pan to get full and begin overflowing (or leaks).

5. The refrigerant concentration is too low.

The low refrigerant level can cause the coils of A/C freeze, which could cause leakage when the drip pan fills up.

6. It is possible that the air filter has become filthy.

If the air filter gets filthy, airflow becomes restricted which means that the evaporator coils do not receive the proper ventilation. The coils become too cold and then become frozen. When as the frozen ice melts away of the coils, the moisture drips down and cause the drip pan to fill up and eventually leak. If you are looking for a Professional AC Maintenance Service for AC Filter Replacement Brookfield, AC Repair Techs experts are here to help. They are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and making sure you receive the Comfortable Filter Replacement Solution you need, at the best value.

It’s normal for an efficient A/C to create a amount of condensation from time to time. The longer you have your A/C operating and running, the more condensation you’ll be able to experience.

If water is constantly leaking out of the unit, you’ll think of ignoring it. If you observe that it’s been running for longer than a day, call an experienced technician in the field immediately.



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