Why Is My Push Button Door Lock Not Working?

If a door lock with a push button lock doesn’t work it is possible to rule out the cause by learning the details of your lock. If you’ve said, “My lock button won’t function,” you can know what you can do to resolve the issue. Before you begin troubleshooting ensure that you have take your time reading.

The most frequent reasons for a door push button lock to not work are:

  1. Energy
  2. The Lock
  3. Programming
  4. The Door

Different types of push Button Locks

The reason why your door’s push button lock isn’t working could be related to the type of lock. The way a lock is constructed to function will tell you how it will fail. If the door lock button is not working, you need to be aware of what could go wrong in order to determine what’s happening.

Electronic Push Button Locks

A majority of modern push button locks utilize some kind of electrical current, regardless of whether it’s generated via a battery or wired to the electrical system of the building. They have electrical and mechanical components and both can result in a lock button not functioning.

While electronic locks are available in a variety of styles, the majority are equipped with the push button or keypad function. There may be a single button for the door lock that is not functioning or, perhaps, several buttons are not responding. This could make it difficult to open the lock , or restrict the functionality of the lock.

Mechanical Push Button Lock

Like its electronic counterpart that is electronic, a mechanical push button lock comes with various housings that have buttons with the letters or numbers. The main difference is that a fully mechanical lock operates without electrical power.

If you enter the correct alphabetical or numerical sequence, pins move in the same way as the pin tumbler lock that is standard. The moving parts increase the chances for something to fall. The complexity of the mechanical system leads to an even more difficult determination of the reason the door lock that you push isn’t functioning.

Security Push Button Lock

If someone is talking about the push button lock that isn’t working it is because they want to open a bathroom door. In this instance the lock isn’t intended for security. This lock is designed for use for doors that are used in the interior to signal the need to be private.

Privacy push-button locks are technically mechanically a push button lock however, it’s such an esthetic version that it needs its own category. They are typically affordable, and if the door lock with a privacy button not functioning, it’s usually best to purchase an entirely new lock. At Oklahoma City Locksmith Order you can find the best High Security Door Lock Repair Services, which are quick and professional. Oklahoma City Locksmith Order is available any time of the day to fix broken security locks for you.

1. Energy Interruption

The Problem

A door lock that has a push button that isn’t working could be the result of an interruption in energy. This is common with electronic locks, but it does not impact mechanical locks. If your lock is powered by batteries or is hardwired to an existing structure, the electrical current could cease or be disrupted.

Battery failure is probably the most frequent reason for the electronic door lock that has a push button not functioning. However, if there isn’t a power failure that affects your security, electronic locks that are hardwired are not likely to fail. The wires may fray or the electronic components can fail, but this can be addressed in the section on damage.

The Solution

Begin by replacing the batteries in the lock. The battery connection port should be located on the inside of the door and you’re trapped, then there must have an additional emergency port for connecting batteries. The emergency port usually is covered by a dust cover and will require a 9V power source to provide an indefinite charge.

Like a car key that isn’t working after changing the battery it is possible that this will not resolve the issue. The interruption in energy could be caused by something else more significant. If you are sure of the connections and change batteries, but the door lock with a push button isn’t working, go to the section on damage to your lock.

2. Lock Loss

The Problem

Push button locks break in many ways. If it’s a particular lock button that isn’t working or a handle that isn’t turning or a door latch that is stuck or a door latch that is stuck, etc. There’s something that needs to be replaced or repaired. The first step is an understanding of what is wrong.

If you are using electronic locks it is possible to utilize a voltmeter to look for damaged components or wires. In the event of mechanical issues locks, they can be dismantled and inspected for visible damaged, rusted, or damaged components. Anything that isn’t normal could be the cause of the door lock’s push button not functioning.

The Solution

It is likely that the reason behind the door lock with a push button not working can be traced to a single component that can be replaced. For instance the mechanical push button lock could have issues in one of the actuators. The wire may be damaged. A component inside could be corroded or rusted.

Locate the problem part and replace it, repair it, or clean it if needed. In the event that damage has become severe the lock may need to be replaced completely. If you need more information or assistance in determining the issue, consult an individual locksmith at home or a Commercial Locksmith Oklahoma City, based on the settings for the lock.

3. Reprogramming

The Problem

Although it might appear like your push button door lock isn’t working however, it could actually be working flawlessly. There’s a possibility that you’re being presented with an incorrect impression that the lock’s malfunction because the lock has been reset. This is not the case with privacy locks.

The process of reprogramming could be accidental when a lock that is electronic is accidentally moved into its reset mode. Push button lock mechanisms can not accidentally reset, however, if someone else is responsible for regulating the physical access control of a building it is possible that they have altered the lock.

The Solution

First, check whether anyone is using the latest code. If nobody has the code, you must go to the inside of the door and take the lock off. It should be possible to open the door and take the lock off. Once the lock is removed you are able to change the lock’s combination.

There are factory and override reset protocols available after the lock is removed. For detailed instructions on how to carry out these resets, you’ll require the manual for your lock. Reinstall your keypad lock and then check to see whether your door’s push button lock isn’t working.

4. Door Alignment

The Problem

Even if a push button door lock isn’t working, it could be to be due to the lock, it is possible that the door could be the cause. Deadbolts or latches may catch upon the plate, or have difficulty closing or opening. The catching can be caused by misalignment of the door.

If you have hollow or solid core doors, the base could lift and the hinges could sag and it could appear as if the door lock that you push isn’t functioning. In the case of electronic locks that have motorized latch bolts, even a slight deviation from the alignment could cause enough resistance to cause the lock to not be able to open.

The Solution

The easiest fix for the push button lock that isn’t working due to alignment is to alter the strike plate on the door. The plate can be moved upwards, downwards and back or forward, as you need. If you own an adjustable strike plate, this will make the process simpler.

In addition to the strike plate You can also test the hinges on your door. Set screws tight and check if this resolves the issue with the door lock with a push button not working. Locksmiths can also put on your hinges to raise and lower your door with out any drilling.

Final Thoughts

If your door’s push button lock not working, it might appear as if there is no solution immediately available. However, a lock that isn’t functioning could be simpler to fix than you imagine. If you are unable to solve your problem in this article, check whether Best Locksmith Oklahoma City services your area.



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