Why Is My Electric Bill So High 11 Reasons

Growing electricity bills are an enormous source of stress and financial stress. In the entire year of 2020 27 percent of US households said they were having difficulty paying their electric bills, and being reported to have maintained their homes at a risky temperature. Based on Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors, out of the typical bills for utilities for an US home, heating is the top of the list at 29% and cooling is 13 percent.

With the dramatic changes to the weather, it appears that regardless of how hard you try it’s impossible to cope with the escalating electric costs. But don’t give up hope not yet! There are many things that you could do in order to reduce the cost of electricity. As an example changing to the smart thermostat or AC controller to automate cooling and heating will save you money on your bills.

Find out the reasons the electric bills are excessive and how to bring it under control. By following these suggestions, you’ll be saving enormous amounts of money within a matter of minutes!

What causes a high Electric Bill

Even if you think you’re doing everything you can to conserve electricity You may have developed some unfavorable behaviors over time which are causing your electricity bill go up.

1. You’re Lazy About AC Maintenance

The costs of air conditioning comprise 17% of all household electricity expenses. In climates with higher humidity this number rises to 27 percent. In the absence of maintenance, this figure increase exponentially. If, for instance, you’re AC filter is blocked by dirt, the AC will be more efficient to deliver the same amount of cooling, which means more energy. However, Los Angeles AC Repair will help you keep an eye on the cleanliness of your air filter by sending reminders on a regular basis. Additionally regular AC maintenance can also help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Here’s a helpful HVAC checklist for maintenance.

2. You are the one who uses the most energy You use the most energy during Peak Times

If you’ve been wondering about why your electric bill is high , despite the fact that you’ve capped your use, take a look at when you use the most energy. Electric companies have higher prices at peak times in order to cut down on the amount of energy consumed. So, if your electricity bill isn’t yet too high then you can lower your electricity costs by not using your appliances simultaneously with everybody else!

In summer, peak times are typically between 12 to 6 p.m and when people are operating their air conditioning units to full. By limiting your usage at this time or operating your AC at the higher temperature, could result in a reduction and aid in reducing your electric bills.

In addition to the air conditioning unit Avoid using the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and dishwasher appliances during peak times to ensure that your energy use is under control.

3. You’ve got leaky Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the primary areas of leakage of heat. Even if your walls appear adequately insulated, if your caulking or weatherstripping on the windows and doors is gone your heating or air conditioner is unable to complete the job it should. In the end, it will have to work harder which will result in a higher energy bill.

Before you begin to load up with weatherstripping and caulk it’s crucial to know exactly where holes in the air are. Learn more about the process of identifying the air leaks and fixing them so that your electric bill stays at a minimum.

Here’s a detailed guide to window insulation.

4. Your home isn’t adequately insulated

Inadequate insulation may be the reason for why your electric bill is high. In general, heat is transported from areas that have an upper temperature to regions with lower temperatures. Therefore, the your indoor temperature is trying to get outside during winter. In the end, your air conditioner has to struggle to keep a cool temperature in the summer and your furnace is unable to keep a warm temperature in winter.

Insulation that is properly installed prevents the transfer of heat through convection, conduction and radiation. This makes it simpler the air conditioning system to stay at the temperature you want to maintain. The AC doesn’t have to work overtime to cool or heat the space. This reduces energy consumption and helps avoid high electric bills.

If you’re convinced of the advantages of insulation, but aren’t sure where to start or how to begin check out our 101-page guide to insulation for homes.

5. You can cool your entire home Even when You Do Not Need to

A majority of people only have one or two rooms at a. Yet, they use air conditioning throughout the house. This is a huge waste of energy, and results in huge costs. To solve this problem You can set up HVAC zones. HVAC zones make use of dampers to allow you to partition your home into different zones and set a temperature for each. Your AC will no longer need to run around in order to cool the entire house.

6. You have an old HVAC System or any other Appliances

Older air conditioners consume huge amounts of electricity. An average air conditioner could last for up to 10 years. Then, as they age, the individual components, such as the compressor, are less effective. The older compressors consume a lot of energy. When Energy Star regulations become stricter the newer air conditioners come with more EER and SEER ratings than older models.

In addition to air conditioners, older appliances, for instance washers and refrigerators are a huge energy drainer. The natural wear and tear reduces the effectiveness of older appliances and they are required to work over time and consume a lot of electricity. As technology advances, newer appliances are getting more efficient. An old refrigerator uses 35 percent greater energy consumption that the Energy Star certified refrigerator. Remove appliances once they’ve passed the point of their usefulness. If you don’t, you’ll pay more money on power bills.

7. You have a spare fridge

A lot of people prefer to have an extra fridge in the basement, not realizing that it might be the reason their electricity bill is high. But, even if not using the fridge, it is still consuming energy if it’s connected. If your fridge that you have spare is empty, think about whether you really require it. If you have to keep an additional fridge, make sure that it’s always full of somethingelse, or disconnect it.

If you are wondering why your energy bill is so expensive take a look at the fridge that is in the basement and contemplate changing it.

8. You run your hot water Heating System at a Extremely High Temperature

The temperature of your water heater may be the reason why you’re electric costs are high. Water heaters make up around 14-18% of energy bill. Therefore, you could cut down on your electric bill when you reduce your water heater expenses. However, the majority of households maintain their water heaters at the temperature that is higher than what is required.

The majority of water heaters have an initial temperature of 140F. But, experts advise that it is safe to set them at the temp of 120F. Setting your water heater to lower temperatures will help reduce the energy use and also prevent injury from scalding!

Another innovative method to save the water heater is to insulate it with a blanket for your water heater. This can prevent the loss of heat, while the heating element won’t need to be working hard to maintain the desired temperature.

9. Dryers are frequently used.

Utilizing the dryer for each load of clothing is one of the main causes of the high cost of electricity. A simple clothesline could make a significant difference in the way you lower your electric bills. Every hour you use the dryer can cost between 24 to 72 cents. Therefore, if you utilize your dryer for each wash, the expense will quickly increase. To save money If you are in a good weather take your clothes off your dryer, and instead hang your laundry outside for drying. Your wallet will be grateful!

10. You Still Use Incandescent Light Bulbs

If your home is still using traditional incandescent bulbs, they could be the cause of your high electric bills. Incandescent light bulbs use much energy when in comparison the LED bulb. The estimates suggest that an typical household can save around $225 a year when switching to LED bulbs. Not only are LEDs less expensive however, they’re also extremely durable. If you decide to invest in them they will not require you to replace your lightbulbs for a long time. What are you waiting to do? Switch today!

11. You use your dishwasher and Washing Machine Often

Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are known energy-hogs. In addition to their energy use and use, they also consume a lot of hot water thereby increasing the amount of water you use. The good news is that making savings on dishwashers and washing machines is not difficult. It’s just a matter of being more cautious. For instance, you should never use your dishwasher to wash only a tiny amount of dishes. Instead, you should wait for it to completely fill up and then run it at the at the end in the course of your day.

Also, you don’t have to wash your machine each day. Instead, schedule a day or two for doing the whole week’s laundry. Simple and simple steps will significantly reduce the cost of electricity.



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