Why Drain Inspection Is a Must When Buying a Home

The process of buying a house is a financial burden as well as the problems that arise when you move in. While inspections for general purposes are a an integral part of the process of buying a house Drains are usually left out due to the fact that they require special tools to determine their state of repair. A drain that is clogged to the max is one of the worst things you’d like to tackle since it can cause destruction on your home.

However, it’s best to schedule an inspection for your drain before you sign the contract. DrainPro the best drain cleaning service, explains the importance of this.

Acquire Proper Documentation

A thorough drain inspection involves using a high-definition camera we place in your drain. It will provide you with important details, such as:

  • The material of the pipe, its size and the condition
  • How do drains connect to sewer lines?
  • If roots of trees have penetrated the pipes, they will be able to see through.
  • If there’s a buildup of grease or fat deposits
  • If drains have sunk this could be because of a lack of maintenance

We’ll review our findings following the procedure and suggest repair as well as Dubai Emergency Plumbing Service If needed. It’s your choice whether or not you’d like to go ahead with the repairs. Our report can be used to talk with your realtor, or go on and explore alternative options.

Save time and money.

Clogs and backups that smell and are not clean are a nightmare for homeowners. They not only pose dangers to your health as well, they are expensive to repair. If you conduct a pre-purchase inspection of your drain will reveal the root cause of the issues in your drain lines and decide the need for pipe repair or snaking is required. This will allow you to prevent potential issues with your drain and save yourself time, money and headaches.

Find out if you have toxic Pipe Materials

If you’re buying an older house, it’s likely that it has pipes composed of harmful materials such as lead. The majority of older homes also have cast iron pipes that are more susceptible to corrosion and rust. It’s better to find out this in advance so that you can arrange for replacements as needed and cleaning of drains.

A comprehensive knowledge of the past and condition of your home’s plumbing system can help you make informed choices and will give you an edge ahead when you negotiate with your agent. If you need Drain Cleaning Services or inspections, DrainPro is the name that you can count on. Contact them today to schedule an appointment.



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