What Is Remarketing? How Does Google Remarketing Works?

Wondering how the same product you added to the cart yesterday and left unpurchased is coming in your feed? Don’t get surprised, you have been retargeted. Yes, it’s a trending marketing strategy, businesses use as a boomerang to bring their potential customers back.

Oh, you are here to learn more about the remarketing strategy to incorporate in your marketing plan. Well, 70% of marketers use remarketing for their brand awareness. It’s a perfect way to retarget your audience and make them realize your brand presence and credibility.

Let’s know what is remarketing in google analytics, how remarketing works, its benefits and tips to master it for better conversion, leading to improved revenue.

What Is Google Remarketing?

Remarketing is a kind of online advertising which helps you reach your potential customer through ads and emails. When a user visits a site, a small snippet of code (remarketing code) on the website puts them on a remarketing list.

When the same user shows up on another website, that uses the Google Ad network to display your ad. You can customize the who can see your remarketed ads too. Remarketing helps convert your potential customers to buyers and increases your ROI.

Oh, you have also heard about retargeting and now getting confused? Well, remarketing and retargeting are marketing tools but both are not the same.

Retargeting is a subset of remarketing. Remarketing was more about email marketing and retargeting was more about paid ads but with time both have evolved to reach the same goal.

Hope “what is remarketing?” is not a pickle anymore. Let’s know hoe does it work.

How Does Remarketing Work?

  • To get started with a Google remarketing campaign, first, you will require to have a Google Ads account.
  • You need to set a remarketing goal to align your remarketing strategy with it.
  • Now you have to place a Google remarketing code, also known as tag or pixel on all the pages on your site.
  • Through browser cookies, the data of your visitors will get added to the Google remarketing list.
  • You can also customize your Google remarketing tag to target a particular audience as the new or returning audience.
  • Know about the audience signing up to your mails and searching for your products to plan your remarketing campaign.

That was interesting, do you know there is not a single type of remarketing, there is more to it. Let’s know.

Types of Remarketing

There are many kinds of remarketing you can explore at Google. Test these methods to find out what works best for your audience.

  • Display Ads

This is the most common type of remarketing where the targeted ads display visuals of the product viewed in the past. Either you can use Google display ad network where the ads will be displayed on different sites of Google or you can use social media platforms.

  • Email Remarketing

Email remarketing is used to send promotional emails to people who engaged with your website but bounced back without doing any action or leaving their action midway such as cart abandonment.

  • Search Remarketing

Search remarketing includes paid advertising. When a person has shown interest in your brand Google will show them your ad when they search for a related term or service.

  • Video Remarketing

In video remarketing, you target your audience with video ads on youtube or other Google sites. Observe how the audience is reacting to your videos to include them in your marketing strategy.

Okay, after all this, why to even do remarketing? Isn’t just marketing will be enough? Know the advantages you can get out of remarketing below so that you don’t get FOMO later.

Benefits of Google Remarketing

  • Take Your users further in your marketing funnel

Remarketing not only reminds your visitors about the product they looked for or left in the cart but also incentivizes them to take the next step, leading to conversion.

  • Curate more personalized ads

As now you know, for what reason, the audience cam to your site, you can personalize your ads for them with some persuasive content or offers.

30% of people have shown a positive reaction to personalized retargeted ads.

The more personalized the ad is, the more likely it is to get a response.

  • Remarketing is cost-effective

Remarketing with ads in Google costs less than paid ads. The average price of remarketing on Google is $0.666 to $1.23 per click.

  • Broader reach

Google display network comprises more than 2 million websites and it can reach 90% of the users. So, the chances of your ads getting viewed are broad.

  • Track Your Ad Performance With Google Analytics

With the help of Google analytics, you can add tracking codes or UTM (Urchin Track Module) links to your URL to track your ad’s reach and performance, You can check your demographic and interest reports to analyze your audience’s age group and interest to personalize your add accordingly.

  • You can plan Your Ad’s design

Google ads let you customize your ads’ content and graphics. Plan customized ads aligning with your brand voice and image.

  • User-friendly ad-building tool

Google’s display ad builder lets you select the layout, color palette, and content. You can add preferred pictures too. Curate and update your ads faster.

  • Increased engagement, lead generation, and conversion

Of course, remarketing acts as a magnet for your audience, it attracts them and motivates them to do an action on your website which improves your brand awareness, leading to more engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

Now you know what you will miss if you don’t remarket. Need some tips to master remarketing? Scroll down.

How to Ace in Remarketing?

8 tips to fuel your remarketing plan: 

  • Decide whom you are targeting

You need to choose the right audience first to start remarketing. You can observe your site visitors, site traffic, social media, and email marketing profiles to get leads.

  • Segment your audience already

You need to segment your audience as if you are trying to reach everyone, you are not reaching anyone. Learn about the different intent and behavior of your audience and put them in different groups to market more specifically.

For example, if you are a fashion e-commerce company, your audience will be searching different products according to their gender, age, interest. Learn more about your audience and segment them to market better.

  • Set your marketing goals

Do you want to generate more email subscribers or want to lure your gone customers or attract the customer who abandoned you in the middle of your marketing funnel? Set the goal first to market better.

  • Do not let go of your existing customers

Don’t lose your converted customers in order to attract new customers. Up-sell and cross-sell your existing customers. As they already have bought your product, chances of coming back is more.

  • Dynamic marketing

In dynamic marketing, you can look at your audience’s browsing history to know what products they have searched for and can cater to them with personalized ads advertising similar products.

  • Know the right time to show your ads

Research and observe when your target audience stays active on the internet. If your timing is not right all your efforts will go in vain. Know when, where and whom to showcase your ads.

  • Do not annoy your audience

You need to cap the frequency of your ad. Advertise but avoid overdoing it. excess of anything is harmful.

  • Do test your ads

Remarketing allows you to test your ads. You can do an A/B test to know how your ads are performing for your business. Plan your next marketing campaign based on the result.

Ready to Convert Your Potential Customers into Buyers?

What is remarketing has been simplified. What are you waiting for? Now you know what exactly you have to do. Do not your potential customers fly away. Follow the above tactics to remarket better and turn your potential customer into regular buyers.

Get started today. Know your audience, segment, plan your ads, test them and strategize your next campaign. Want to get more information on budget and the methods of testing, analyzing, and planning ads? Get connected to a digital marketing service providing company to get help in reaching your remarketing goals.



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