What is a Methadone Clinic? Is Its Treatment Effective?

A methadone clinic is an addiction treatment center that concentrates on giving you a daily dose of methadone along with other options for treatment.

Because methadone is a drug that can be misused, it should be taken under the supervision of a doctor. In a methadone treatment center, you receive your prescribed daily dose of methadone. The healthcare professional you visit with you to ensure you are receiving safe and effective treatment. If you have been using Methadone for a long time and have stomach pain, headache, weight gain, difficulty urinating, sore tongue, flushing, or mood changes, you should visit a Methadone Clinic in San Diego or near you as soon as possible.

Methadone clinics also provide various treatments and may need participation in either group or individual therapy.

If you are taking methadone to treat heroin or opioid addiction. You will gradually work toward getting off methadone. The process could be long-term and could last for up to a year. As you progress in your treatment for addiction you will be able to receive lower doses of methadone.

Some methadone clinics provide the option of taking home methadone to take methadone, without having to visit the clinic every day.

To be eligible for take-home methadone, must demonstrate your dedication to your addiction treatment. As you progress in recovery and develop new coping abilities and gain confidence during your recovery.

A variety of programs have requirements that may include certain of the following criteria for taking home methadone:

  • Long-term sobriety and drug-free
  • Regular attendance and involvement in your treatment program
  • In close collaboration with your doctor and your treatment team
  • Your commitment to your treatment
  • Refraining from any crime

The recovery process from addiction to opioids is difficult due to opioid dependence. Your body may be used to the use of opioids and does not recognize how to perform without them in your system.

While methadone therapy may be the most well-known to many, methadone clinics typically offer other types of treatment that are aided by medication, such as Suboxone, naltrexone and buprenorphine and many more.

Methadone clinics assist you to slowly getting rid of opioids while you work towards controlling your cravings for drugs and triggers. The clinic provides support to your peers and the staff of the clinic to assist you in continuing to improve your health during treatment. If you’re looking for a methadone doctor in San Diego, CA, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It can be hard to know where to start or who to trust. MD Caller Experienced Methadone Doctors offer compassionate and professional outpatient treatment of opioid dependence. They provide confidential care in a supportive environment.

Is Methadone Therapy Effective?

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Methadone treatment dramatically improves outcomes even when it is provided without routine counseling.”

The NIDA has cited information from a 2009 thorough Cochrane review that states “Patients who were treated with methadone had 33 percent less opioid-positive test results and had 4.44 percent more likely remain in treatment” in comparison to the control group that was “placebo who received psychosocial therapy.”

Methadone treatment can help you stay clean while you learn new ways to live free of heroin and other opioids. Methadone will help reduce your cravings in the initial phase of your addiction treatment program.

If you are beginning your journey to recovery from addiction you are at risk of relapse because of the withdrawal symptoms that occur immediately as you detox. Methadone treatment can help improve your results by helping you feel “normal” when you begin treatment.

In reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, methadone will help you focus on becoming better. It is possible to live your life without relying on opioids. Methadone will help ease the pain when you quit using opioids.

The length of your treatment may differ from others.

It is possible that you will need to spend some time on methadone. It could take years before you are completely off methadone. However, a long time on methadone does not mean that the treatment is not effective.

Opioids can affect the way your body functions. Addiction is a condition that requires treatment and certain diseases require ongoing treatment in order to remain healthy. It is possible that you will require methadone treatment for a lengthy period of time before you can stop taking the medication completely.

However, methadone may help you stay away from heroin as well as other harmful substances.

Even if you have used methadone for a long time, it is not as dangerous as getting back into addiction and using illegal substances. Remember that visiting the clinic on a regular basis is more effective than returning to addiction.



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