Top 8 Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not Working

We’ve all experienced one of these days. You’re on the move and, while trying to get your car started, or even open it, you discover that the key to your car isn’t working. At that point, as you could be locked out of your vehicle the mind is racing to discover the causes of this could be. Sometimes, the solution will be obvious but at other times it could take a long time for you to discover what the cause of the issue. Locksmith Order provides the best locksmith services so that you can get lock-related help right away. If you need a reliable locksmith area contact Locksmith Order professionals for the best locksmith services. There’s been many times which is why it’s a problem that we all share. To make the experience simpler for you in the event that you require it soon or later, I’ll examine the possible reasons your car keys aren’t working.

Car keys of various types

To determine the cause of your issue, first you must know what kind of car key you own and the way it functions in conjunction with your vehicle. It is a common belief that every car key is identical, after all, they’re all designed to operate vehicles and therefore they should be identical isn’t it? But they aren’t. Although car keys and door locks may be alike in several ways, they’re completely unique. That is the reason why bump keys do not work on vehicles. This is why it’s important to be aware of the type of car key that you have to be able to identify the reason behind why the car key you have isn’t working.

Classic Car Keys

The most commonly used kind of car key was believed to be the classic keys for cars, and were only a physical key used to open the locks on your car’s doors and also to work to your ignition. If you have an automobile that was built before 1995, your car keys are of the more conventional type.

Traditional keys for cars are like the locks you have on your home. They’re one piece of steel, and various cuts that are sized to fit the lock. If you cut a key in line with the physical appearance of the key, it will begin to start your vehicle and unlock all locks. Unless the key gets damaged and the grooves become worn or the lock cylinders fail there won’t be any issues. Car locksmiths can be needed in many situations. It can be due to misplacement of keys or due to jammed car doors – there are so many scenarios. Locksmith Order offers the Best Car Locksmith Services you can find.

It is likely that you have car keys If…

  • The most important thing is a single piece of exposed metal.
  • There is no cover of plastic over the thumbturn.
  • The key cannot be connected to the remote.
  • Your car doesn’t have the immobilizer (likely in models prior to the 1990s).

Transponder Car Keys

In 1995, the majority of automakers began to pair their cars by transponder key. A transponder key basically means that your car has been connected to the key you have in a more secure manner. The key has a transmitter in the key which connects to a receiver that is housed inside the car. In order for the vehicle to function in the ignition the transmitter and receiver need to communicate with each other via a series of signals that are used to confirm that the correct key is in the right place.

Often , the transponder chip will be located in a small piece of plastic, which covers the thumbturn or bow of your key. In the event that the edge of the key sticks from the remote it’s likely that the transponder chip is probably located in the remote. The chip may be damaged or the receiver that receives its signal may cease to function. If there is anything that is blocking the transmission between the transponder and the car immobilizer the car will not start. When there are two components communicating it is crucial to verify both to ensure that your car key isn’t functioning.

It is likely that you have transponder car keys in the event that…

  • The thumbturn has a plastic cover around the thumbturn.
  • The key is connected to the remote.
  • The car is equipped with an impeller (unlikely in models before the 1990s).

Keyless Entry Fobs

Nowadays, the majority of modern automobiles have been built on the idea of communication that was made possible by transponder keys. This is the reason for keys that are not required for entry. Keyless entry remotes appear like tiny remote controls, and each button prompts actions from the vehicle. Since they’re non-keyless, the key communicates to your car. It’s similar to the transponder keys mentioned above, however instead of the ignition cylinder and key the majority of these vehicles make use of push buttons.

Like the transponder car key in the event that you find that the key fob for your vehicle in your car isn’t working, there’s issues with signaling. The most likely reason could be dead or weak batteries inside your car’s key fob. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll be required to investigate other electronic problems. Apart from problems with electronic components, when the key fob isn’t opening the doors of your vehicle it could be due to issues with the doors lock.

Most likely, you’ve got fobs for keyless entry If…

  • The car is equipped with a push to start the ignition.
  • There isn’t any key in metal.
  • There isn’t a keyed ignition Cylinder.

The Reasons Your Car Key isn’t working

After we’ve gone over the various differences of car keys, it’s time to go into the reasons your car key may not be functioning. Remember that if your car’s key is damaged, or if you’ve broken the car key in the lock, the suggestions below will not be of any help. Instead, I recommend that you seek out locksmiths that are experienced in dealing with broken car keys extractions. Let’s begin:

1. Damaged Car Lock

If the car key you have is not working when trying to open your vehicle, there’s the possibility that the lock itself has been damaged. This is possible even if you’re not using the keyways that are on the car locks (ie. opening doors using remotes or fobs). Two key components of a lock for cars break the lock cylinder as well as the assembly of locks.

You can determine which component of the lock for your car is damaged with a small amount of trial and error. Put in your key and check if it is turning. If it doesn’t turn and does not open the lock there’s a problem in the locking assembly. If you are using a working key fob for opening a lock however, the key won’t open the door that it was previously opened it is a high likelihood that the issue is in the cylinder of the lock.

Locks are also blocked by debris and dirt. When temperatures are extreme, a car’s door lock may freeze. If you’ve been involved in a crash it is possible that the lock has been damaged as a result of the collision. These problems aren’t due to regular wear and tear, but can impact new car locks like classic car locks.

Car locks that are damaged lock

  • It is either blocked or blocked (you are unable to completely put in the key).
  • The key can unlock one lock, but not the other.
  • Key turns, but the lock won’t open.

Fixes for damaged car door locks

If you have damaged the locks on your car’s door, You can talk to professional locksmiths or your dealership to ask for assistance. In this instance they’ll either Lock Repair or put in new locks for car doors. The latter is likely to be the more costly option.

2. Key Damaged

One of the primary reasons that your car keys may not work is because the key in your car is damaged. When people think of keys that are damaged they usually think of a key that is broken and is broken into pieces. But a damaged key may not be visible as a broken piece. The grooves on keys could be worn down. When the depth is incorrect on one or more grooves the car key could not correspond to its internal mechanism of lock, or the ignition.

Keys are physical parts and therefore each one of them can be subject to wear and tear as time passes. The majority of people don’t take the time to look at their keys and locks to be aware of the effects regular use can affect them. In conjunction with the lack of regular maintenance, it raises the chance of keys becoming damaged. If the key becomes physically damaged, you’ll require a locksmith in order to cut a brand new car key by using the key code that is registered to your car. Making a duplicate of an existing key will result in a duplicate of the original issue.

Car keys that are damaged key

  • The key cannot allow you to open locks or start the car.
  • The locks are openable by different methods.
  • A brand new or lightly used spare key works properly.

Repairs for keys that are damaged in cars

If the key you have is damaged, you need to purchase a new one. If you have conventional keys, a basic car key replacement should work. If, however, you own transponder keys, you’ll have to get the replacement key programmed into the vehicle.

3. Affective Ignition Cylinder

The key you have isn’t just connected to your car’s external door locks, it’s an instrument that functions together with the ignition. Keys for cars aren’t meant to be used by themselves. This means that for each key that is in existence there is the mechanism or lock that it is designed to operate with. If your car keys do not function when it is inserted inside the ignition system, this may not necessarily indicate that the car key is defective or damaged.

Sometimes, this can be the sign of a bigger issue that could cause damage to your car’s ignition. If you’ve not noticed that your car is moving mechanical parts. (Back in the days, this would have been called magic, but today we refer to it as scientific and technological.) The reason is that mechanical components are susceptible for wear and tear and so it’s common for them to fail and the ignition cylinder isn’t an one of them.

A sign of a defective ignition Cylinder

  • The key can open the car’s door, however the car won’t begin.
  • The indicator light for your immobilizer is on.

Fixes damaged ignition Cylinders

Locksmiths in the automotive industry are experienced in the handling of malfunctioning ignition cylinders. So if this is the reason your car key isn’t working, be sure to contact a locksmith. They will be able to advise you whether the ignition could be fixed and salvaged or if they need to replace the entire cylinder.

4. Old and worn out Key Forb Battery

Another reason why your car keys won’t work could be due to the batteries inside keys or keyless remotes have run out of battery. This is a frequent issue and is fairly simple to fix. Batteries are exhausted after a set period of time, and finding the cause is easy.

If you find that your car isn’t responds to your commands or signals coming from your fob’s key, it’s most likely that the batteries aren’t working. However, it is important to be aware that this isn’t the only reason why your key fob may not be functioning. If you discover the car’s key isn’t working due to worn keys fob battery, the best solution is to locate the right batteries , and then replace the batteries. After this the car key fob will be just as good as new.

Evidence of worn-out battery packs for the key fob

  • Key fobs work occasionally, but not all the time.
  • The buttons located on your car’s key fob need to be pressed repeatedly.
  • Car key fob no more functions at the same distance as it did previously.

Solutions for dead batteries on key fobs

If your batteries for the key fob are deteriorating it is recommended to replace the batteries. To determine the exact battery your key fob runs on go through the owner’s guide for the vehicle you are driving. The manuals may also provide you basics to guide you on how to replace the batteries. If you can’t find your original copy of the manual, you may be able find it on the website of the manufacturer. Key fobs and car key remote batteries can be purchased at your local hardware store or in a shop which sells automotive parts. The local big box stores like Target, Walmart, or Best Buy may have the battery you require.

5. Internal Damage to Key fob/Keyless Entry Remote

As I stated previously, there are a variety of different kinds of keys that each has their own unique functions and characteristics. The key fob relies on the communication between a transmitter and receiver. If one of these parts is damaged, it indicates that the car key won’t perform as meant to. If there’s a problem in the electronics inside your vehicle, or if there’s damage to the transmitter or the receiver the car key isn’t working.

In some cases, these components can become damaged over time, and show up as frayed wires, etc. In other situations the internal wiring may be damaged. This could result from external damage to your key fob , or to your car. This can be due to something as easy as dropping the keys to your car which knocks the inner parts of the fob out of the proper alignment.

As with traditional keys electronic keys are also prone to be damaged. Pressing repeatedly can cause wear on components. If you find that one button functions but not all and the key fob might be damaged. Perhaps, for instance, the car unlocks with your remote however it will will not lock. This could be an indication that damage to the internal system has taken place.

Evidence of internal damage to key fobs

  • The key fob was submerged in the water.
  • The car key fob you have been damaged or put under pressure that is extreme.
  • Buttons do not press anymore or click, and/or they are not in a position to depress, click, or.

Fixes for broken key fobs

Damage to the internals of the key fob, also known as a keyless entry remote, is typically best dealt with by an automotive locksmith or your automobile dealer. Because they are able manage the inner mechanisms that are inside the key fob they’ll be able to assist you to fix it. If not, they’ll guide you to the best replacement of the key fob.

6. The Key Hasn’t Been Programmed

Traditional keys don’t have programming issues because it’s an issue that only keyless entry remotes as well as transponder keys are required to tackle. If your car’s key isn’t working with your car There is a possibility that it hasn’t yet been programmed with your vehicle.

Key programming problems for car keys are common in people who have replaced their car key remotes , or purchase duplicate keys for their cars. They tend to overlook the fact that the transponder key and the key fob also need been programmed to connect with your vehicle. If you fail to complete this task, the only thing you’ll be able to accomplish with the key is open your car’s doors and trunk.

The car remotes that previously worked keys, transponder keys etc. could also cease to function at the same time. It is usually due to security features in modern vehicles that reset after the battery in the vehicle is replaced. If you’ve already replaced the batteries in the key fob of your car, it could be the problem you’re experiencing.

A car key’s indications indicate that it isn’t programmed

  • The immobilizer light is activated when the key is in the ignition.
  • A key fob that has new batteries cannot unlock or lock the car.
  • You’ve recently replaced the battery of your car.

Fixes for unprogrammed car keys

Transponder key programming is done by a reliable automotive locksmith or your dealer. It’s generally less expensive to have it done by an expert locksmith. Similar reasoning applies to reprogramming car keys that are aftermarket. The key is making your car operate with the key you have purchased.

7. Aftermarket Car Keys

The aftermarket car keys are an option with a lower cost that many people look into when looking for replacement keys or spare keys for their car. Be aware of the dangers that electronic car keys from aftermarket stores are able to pose, but should your car key not functioning, that’s most likely the last thing that comes to your mind.

If you purchase an aftermarket key for your vehicleand fail to reprogram it you’ll likely discover that the car key isn’t working. These are generally the best source of spare parts as well as other automobile products. But you must be aware that a lot of these items might not be designed specifically for your vehicle, and therefore there may be some extra work to be completed. This is why you must ensure that your aftermarket car key is properly programmed and connected in your automobile.

A sign of a damaged aftermarket car key

  • The key did not work.
  • The car key that is being replaced appears to be different in comparison to the old one.
  • The key cannot be programmed.

Fixes for defective aftermarket automotive keys

Choose a reputable locksmith to find the right key blanks to match your make and model. This will ensure that your keys are programmed and cut correctly. Cutting and pairing car keys can be handled by the same technician.

8. You could be using a Key That You Have Copied

Key duplicates for car keys are very highly sought-after by drivers and for good reason. This gives you assurance that your odds of getting locked out of your car are lower, due to the fact that the keys are in your spare you can use. Additionally, it gives you the convenience of sharing your car with other members from your family. But, many don’t realize that each successive duplicate of a car key decreases in quality.

Every time keys are duplicated, certain bits of information are lost during the process of transfer. This means that when you duplicate the car key in a duplicate the copy you’re getting will be different from the original. Keys that are copied poorly could have problems immediately however, a duplicate of a of a copy is more of a problem.

In some instances there are instances where the car key you have is not working because you’re using a duplicate key that isn’t functioning exactly like the original key. Finding a duplicate key for your car is much less expensive as compared to getting a new one cut to code, however it’s not always the most secure option and is not one of the safest options.

There are signs that you’re using badly copied key

  • This is just one of the crucial copies you’ve created.
  • This key wasn’t duplicated by professionals.
  • The new car key functions more poorly than the original car key.

Solutions for keys that aren’t working properly.

A damaged spare key could cause you to be unable to duplicate the key you have. If this is the case, call locksmiths to cut a new key using the vehicle’s code. The new key cut by code will be identical to the original key that was made in the factory. If you own transponder keys or keyless entry remote you must always make sure that the replacement key is programmed.

Final Thoughts

Car keys are an essential element of every driver’s every day activities, therefore if your car key stops functioning, it could be an expensive issue. Spending the time to go through the information listed below will assist you to identify the cause for why your car keys aren’t functioning. It is hoped that this information will help you identify the issue quickly. Be aware that if are unsure of what to do, seek out an automotive locksmith instead of tinkering and causing damage to the lock, key or ignition.



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