Snapped Garage Door Cable? What’s Wrong And How To Fix It

Snapped garage door cable? You’re likely to face an immediate visit to the hardware store , and an expensive repair bill. In addition to the hassle you’re likely to face when you require a replacement cable that isn’t readily available. There’s no reason to worry however – Gate Installation Temple City is here to help. Temple City Gate Repair Experts is here to assist you.

What do garage door cables Do?

There’s more happening inside the garage than you can see. The cables for your garage door counterbalance the garage door when you shut and open it. The cable is connected to the pulley on the uppermost part of your garage door. Another end is connected to the spring at an angle and then it pulls up on the door once you release it. The spring then takes over, and then releases tension when the garage door is fully opened.

What is the best way to prevent A Garage door cable Break?

Since the cables carry thousands of pounds weight that are affixed to the garage doors, they could get worn out with time. Additionally, a poorly adjusted garage door cable could snapor even break completely. Other causes include the pulley’s wear out, wear caused by fluctuations in temperature and stress throughout all day long, corrosion, and corrosion.

The cable for your garage door is made of steel It is also flexible. It will stretch over time, but it doesn’t break easily. If you take care to maintain your cables in a proper manner, it is unlikely that they will snap. However, it could occur without warning signs if you fail to keep track of checks or have run the cables a bit too large for your garage door size.

What are the signs of A Broken Garage door cable?

There are several common indications of a snapped garage door cable, for instance:

  • The door is stuck in one position
  • The garage door when it is moved up or down
  • Uneven door movement during opening or closing

If you think you may have broken garage door cables contact a professional Electric Gate Operator Repair in Temple City immediately. If you use your garage door with damaged cables could expose you to harm or injury.

Can I open My Garage Door Using a Broken Cable?

While it is possible to open the garage door when cables break, it’s not advised. If you have to unlock your garage door during an emergency, follow these steps:

  • Remove the garage door opener from the door by using the cord for emergency release.
  • Make use of the handle at the lower part of the door to manually unlock it.
  • Keep the door open by using a vice grip or clamp

Be aware, however, that the garage door is very heavy and could cause injury or damage through careless handling. The cable could also break completely at any point and cause severe harm to the person who is in it or those around. It’s safer rather than sorry. Call an experienced Electric Gate Repair in Temple City immediately.



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