Microsoft Windows 11 Launched With Stylish Design Interface

Microsoft have officially announced Windows 11 in a virtual event on Thursday. With the latest Windows version, you’ll be able to see a variety of changes which have been implemented to enhance the user experience than it was before. Windows 11 will see a new Start menu and taskbar, along with widgets that work with developers’ apps. The company has revealed Windows 11 after 6 years after the release Windows 10. Windows 10. We will be clear this: Windows 10 was launched in July of 2015. This is the way we inform you about all the important details about Windows 11:

Android apps are now able to be downloaded on laptops for freeMicrosoft also has redesigned Windows Store. Windows Store. Android apps will now be available by Windows 11. In this regard, Amazon App Store will be accessible within Windows 11 where users can download apps. After gaining Android Apps Support the people will now be able download these apps on Windows 11 which runs in Android. But, there is there will be no Google Play Store here and currently, only a few apps will be available here.

They will be able enjoy Windows 11 for free

Microsoft will launch Windows 11 available on new computers as well as other devices by the close of the year. It will be a no-cost upgrade available to Windows 10 users. To be eligible you laptop or computer must have at minimum four GB RAM, and at least 64GB storage space. Additionally, your device should be fitted with an operating system that supports 64-bits.

The user interface is more elegant and up-to-date than before.

The user interface for Microsoft Windows 11 is reminiscent of Windows 10x. It features widgets with round corners. These include things like calendars, weather. Additionally, there is a better tray system tray, with split notifications, and the The Quick Actions UI. It is possible to personalize the new window. Artificial intelligence is also employed in this.

There are numerous unique aspects of gaming

Windows 11 is specially designed to be used in gaming. The company claims the operating system will provide the most enjoyable gaming experience. Auto HDR feature is available which updates the auto light when gaming, so that gamers have more visibility. Game Pass subscription is provided via the Xbox app on Windows 11.

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