Laser Treatment for Acne – How Well Do They Work

Laser treatment for acne could seem like an extreme resort. But, it’s the only option left out for those who have already tried every serum, oil, resurfacing treatment, and every other creams and procedure available for getting rid of those ugly scars left by the acne. It is the best treatment recommended by the dermatologists to reduce redness, smooth over the skin, and ensure the pimples are permanently put to rest. However, it is extremely important to speak to your skin specialist before deciding on a treatment.

If you have active acne or wrinkled skin, you may not be the right candidate for this procedure. However, only a skin specialist can tell you if laser treatment for acne is the right treatment for you. So, if you have lasting damage of any kind that you’re finding it hard to treat, it might be the time to head to a skin clinic.

How it works?

Lasers are monochromatic lights that are controlled and limited within a narrow band of wavelengths. These lights will be used on the skin to stimulate the skins present in the skin that form connective tissues and facilitate wound healing. When the fibroblasts are stimulated, it remodels the collagen and elastin that were lost due to scarring. Generally, only the non-ablative lasers are used for acne scar procedure which is not harmful.

The top layer of the scar peels off, the skin appears smoother, and the scare would be less noticeable. When the scar tissue starts to break apart, light and heat from the laser allow new healthy skin cells to grow. The blood circulation is improved by the heat of the laser, and inflammation is reduced as blood vessels in the scar are targeted. All of this makes the scar looks less raised and red which gives them a smaller appearance, promoting the healing of the skin.

While the laser treatment is used to target the face, the treatment can also be applied to other areas where the scares tend to appear, including the face, arms, back, neck, upper torso, and neck.

What to expect?

Be it laser treatment or anti wrinkle injections in Sydney, it is essential to have some realistic expectations when you are planning for a cosmetic procedure. Keep in mind that laser treatment won’t take away the scars completely. Of course, your scars will be far less noticeable. After the procedure, you really need to be careful about your skin in the weeks and months to come. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun and keep the treated area clean to prevent infection.

The results won’t be visible immediately, and it takes about 7 to 10 days to notice visible changes. The good news is that the results of this treatment are permanent.



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