Is It Possible For Non U.S. Citizen Acquire Life Insurance?

If you’re a parent, spouse or any other type of source of income, you understand the value of offering life insurance to your family members. If you don’t have U.S. citizenship, though life insurance may seem much more complex.

Is it possible for an non-U.S. citizen acquire life insurance?

If you’re an immigrant or a an international citizen, you may be worried that you won’t qualify or that obtaining the insurance is difficult. The good news is that life insurance for non-U.S. citizen could be yours.

Although there are some restrictions however, it’s worthwhile looking into the details to see if you’re eligible. The peace of head that insurance offers is worth some time to research the options available. Here’s the information you need to consider.

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Essential requirements for foreign nationals to get life insurance

The general rule is that you are able to generally apply for an U.S. life insurance policy as a foreign citizen when you hold two passports, a green card or visa. It is possible that you will need to provide details, such as proof of your relationship to the U.S., proof of your assets in the world, U.S. bank account details, U.S. address, copies of your brokerage accounts as well as title deeds, medical records from the past 5 years. You could have to be at your home in the U.S. throughout the approval process , or having an attorney representing you. Your insurance company can inform you know the particular requirements required for obtaining the insurance.

Green card holders can be eligible to purchase life insurance?

The short answer is that many people who have green cards are eligible for life insurance policies offered by U.S. insurance companies. Be aware that each company has their own set of guidelines, however many will offer coverage for green card holders.

A permanent resident, also known as a green card holder has the right to live on the United States on an ongoing basis. But, they also have citizenship in a different nation. In many instances in the event that you’ve been an holder of a green card within the U.S. for the last two years you are eligible to receive life insurance. Los Angeles Final Expense Express is the leading Senior Life Insurance Company in Los Angeles, CA. They have multiple Senior Life Insurance Plans and they offer senior whole life insurance, senior life insurance without medical exam, senior citizen life insurance with maximum coverage for senior citizens in Los Angeles, CA. 

Furthermore The policies you’re applying to through U.S. carriers are the same as the ones that are designed for citizens. You won’t be charged higher premiums for insurance on life or have fewer choices because you’re a permanent resident and not being a citizen. That is it’s a good idea to have an green card, you can apply to secure the financial protection for you and your loved ones members in the event of your passing.

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Can work visa holders get life insurance?

Certain people reside within the U.S. for long periods of time on an visa. Visas are often subject to limitations or restrictions, based on the type of visa you are granted.

If you are a holder of the work visa, as an example it is possible to qualify for coverage. Work visas are offered to individuals who work within the U.S. and are usually provided by an employer.

You could be eligible for life insurance coverage for foreign nationals , if you are a holder of some of the kinds of visas:

  • H-1B Visas This kind of visa is granted to people who are in a particular occupation particularly for fields that require highly specialization and hard to locate.
  • Visas E-1 The visa is designed for individuals or employees of companies from a nation that is trading allies with U.S., allowing these individuals to take part in trade activities.
  • Visas E-2 They are non-immigratory classifications for countries that have a treaty (one which trades with the U.S. trades with) which may permit long-term stay.>
  • K-1 Visas holders of this visa are married to a fiance or fiancee living in the U.S. that is a citizen. A lot of people apply for a green card once they’ve got married.
  • Visas K-2 This visa allows child of K-1 visa’s fiancé or fiancee, to be admitted to into the U.S. and remain here.
  • Visas V-1 The government issue this visa to anyone that is the wife of a legal Permanent resident U.S., such as an individual who is a holder of the green card.
  • Visas for V-2 The visa allows families to live together while they process immigration visas for them.

There are certain restrictions on the use of these policies. Visas for students, offered to foreign nationals students studying in the U.S., are not enough to be eligible for an insurance policy for life through many insurance providers. If you also have the work permit visa you are not eligible for life insurance. This kind of visa permits individuals to work and travel within the U.S. for a specific duration of duration.

Another thing to be aware of with visas is that you need to be valid and current. They shouldn’t be up to renewal when you are applying for life insurance.

Some carriers do not offer life insurance to non-U.S. residents who hold an immigration visa, however. If you’re not sure if you meet the criteria and hold visas, speak to the agent to clarify or provide additional details.

Which non-U.S. residents must do to know in order to apply for a insurance

The process of applying to get life insurance for non-residents is similar that applying for life insurance if you’re citizens. The application will be the same and the company offering life insurance will likely conduct the same type of screening to determine your premiums as well as the options for coverage.

For purchasing life insurance for foreigners it is important to have proof of identity. This can include any form of identification that you own, such as an ID issued by the state, a green card or visa. It is also possible to be asked to provide other details such as a passport to confirm your identity.



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