How To Remove Rust Stains From Bathroom Sinks, Toilets

We, as homeowners would like our bathrooms to appear clean and fresh. But, if you’re dealing with hard water, sometimes mineral reactions can cause unattractive red stains which appear as if you haven’t cleaned your bathroom for several weeks. Don’t put away your towel to clean it but yet, as there’s the option of removing the unsightly rusty stains that are a nuisance from your toilet, sink, and bathtub.

How to Find a Way to Rid from Rust staining in your Bathroom

Are you tired of the rust-colored stains that have accumulated in your bathroom? If you want a reliable team to repair your bathroom sink or get rid from rust staining in your bathroom or leaking kitchen sinks, Drain Pro has just that to offer. With years of experience in the field of kitchen repair and installation, at Drain Pro know exactly how to repair and maintain any part of your bathroom. Kitchen Sink Repair Dubai requires the skill and experience only possessed by professional repair technicians in Dubai. Below are some DIY techniques that will help get rid of rust-colored stains from sinks tubs, toilets, and sinks bowls:

Salt and Lemon Juice salt: Begin by creating an extremely thick paste of the household ingredients and then apply it to the rusted area. Let the paste set for a few hours or even overnight before beginning to scrub. Make use of a toothbrush to scrub the area. After that wash the area with clear water.

Pumice Stone: The most natural and scratch-free alternative for stained porcelain surfaces is the pumice stone. Simply soak the stone in water along with the affected surface, and then begin gently rubbing. If you’re working on fiberglass, do not use the pumice stone as it can damage the fiberglass. There are alternative alternatives, which are less abrasive to utilize for removing stains from fiberglass.

Scouring Pad: for lighter stains using a scouring pad along with some elbow grease can be used to get rid of the stain. Don’t ever use any kind of abrasive material to remove the stains of fiberglass as it can damage the fiberglass surface.

Chemical cleaners: There are a variety of chemical cleaners made to eliminate rust staining from bathtubs, and toilet bowls. They are able to oxidize the rust, and allows the stain to clean off using the help of a damp cloth. However, some cleaners are laced with harsh chemicals, which create fumes that a lot of homeowners are hesitant to use particularly parents of small children or pets.

How do you remove rust from Bathroom Fixtures

Even though they’re made to be constantly in touch with water showerheads and faucets are still susceptible to rust-based stains and to mineral build-up. With a little, routine maintenance, you can minimize the buildup of mineral and rust and ensure that your showerheads and faucets remain running smoothly. If you want to get your toilet plumbing fixed or maintained, Drain Pro is without any doubt the best company in Dubai to do it for you. Their experts at Drain Pro have specialized in the art, making sure to perform the Best Toilet Plumbing Dubai Services till you are satisfied with the job. Their services are available twenty-four-seven, in cases of emergency or not. 

Vinegar: This multi-purpose household cleaner is perfect for keeping your faucets as well as shower heads clean. Put three-quarters of white vinegar along with one part water into an aerosol bottle. Apply generously with the solution and allow it sit for a while so that the vinegar is able to break down the mineral buildup and the rust. Then, using a lightly rough scouring pad, rub the buildup out. It is also possible to take off the showerhead for soaking in vinegar prior to scrub.

Baking soda: This powder can be combined with water to create an emulsion. Apply the paste on the stain, then let it sit for at minimum half an hour prior to gently rubbing using a pad that is slightly abrasive. This should take away any mineral and rust buildup.

Help to prevent Rust Stains on Toilets and throughout the Bathroom

The bathroom is an ideal place for rust to grow However, there are several ways to prevent it from happening to lessen or get rid of rust staining.

Clean frequently: Applying the cleaning methods mentioned above on a monthly basis for showerheads and faucets can help keep rust-colored staining out. Dry your tub with a towel or squeeze on your walls of the bathroom after you use them to avoid the rust and hard water stain from becoming. Make sure to clean your sinks and toilets regularly to stop any buildup of rust. Get rid of all the metal toiletries – shaving cream bottles, razors etc.–from the shower to avoid corrosion, which causes the formation of rust.

Consider investing into a softener for your water: Installing a water softener or filtering system at home will drastically reduce the amount of minerals that flow through your water. This eases the entire plumbing system as it reduces the possibility of corrosion, and enhances the taste and smell of your water. Although it’s an initial cost but it will cost you nothing and will help you save a lot of time since you will not have to clean and scrub your sinks, toilets and showers every week.

Make sure that rust stains are kept at Bay by using Drain Pro Plumbing

Rust is an eye-sore It is a major eyesore, and clearing it away can be draining, but it can also cause bigger problems with your plumbing systems. For more information on the best ways to handle hard water issues, and methods to improve your water quality, call the Local Plumbing Company Duabi. They aid thousands of homeowners get rid of their water by filtration as well as water softening equipment.



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