How to Prepare For Your Next Trip To Africa

Africa is a continent that is diverse that has a wide range of social, economic and environmental circumstances. The wealth that is East Africa in the name of Kenya is unique in the way that is not offered by any other country across the African continent. It is perhaps important to think about the important points of reference and tips for travel travellers and tourists visiting Kenya can benefit from.

Whatever your budget is however, when traveling within Africa take note that you’re much wealthier than the majority of people in your vicinity. While the majority of individuals are trustworthy, the image of a tourist who has money available and cameras in the air can be a tempting sight for certain. To avoid becoming the next target of fraudsters, thieves and opportunists make sure to keep the following tips to travel safely to keep in mind while traveling in Africa.

Tips for Travel to Stay safe during your trip to Africa

Travel Light

It’s always a good idea to have only one bag instead of multiple bags. This will ensure you don’t pay extra for costs for luggage on airlines, and also reduce the burden of managing several bags.

Get Vaccinated

Health issues should be taken in the manner they are entitled to. It is recommended that you have the proper medications and vaccinations when you travel. Be sure to comply with covid 19 vaccine center rules when you arrive in your city of choice.

Find a Prepaid Card in Your Area

Sometimes, having access to cash could be a challenge since not every ATM accept international cards. It is recommended to carry an additional local bank card that is mainly ones that are prepaid. A majority of African countries offer prepaid cards you can visit the bank and buy. You can load it by the sum you want. In addition to saving you costs for conversion of currency It is also safer than carrying cash or your ATM card from your bank.

Using Money Belt

A money belt is a method to announce yourself as “Hey I’m a tourist just waiting to be scammed”. If you are forced to wear it, you should wear a thin money belt that is able to be worn under your clothing. This will help protect your credit card as well as passports and travelers checks secure.

Keep Copies of All Your Documents

Create a duplicate of your passport or ticket, as well as your traveler’s check and credit card numbers. Keep them in your main baggage so that in the event you lose your originals you’ll still have details for insurance or replacement reasons.

Always Keep a Key in Your Bag

Hotels’ safes aren’t always secure (ironically) therefore, you should use bags or pouches with locks to keep your valuables the event that your hotel offers these facilities. Utilize a combination lock rather than keys. Because if you lose your keys, you’re screwed.

Don’t be a Lonely Nightcrawler

Do not walk on your own at night, especially in large towns cities, and stay in well-lit areas, even if you’re walking in an entire group. Taxis are accessible in all African town and is worth the extra cost to ensure your safety.

Don’t be Afraid of Getting Lost

Do not appear to be lost even if you’re. You are able to always walk into a store, bank or hotel to request directions or to consult maps.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Directions

It’s perfectly normal to get lost. Don’t be afraid to seek directions. If you are in a hotel, even when you’re not there, and inquire for directions from the hotel staff. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Be Vigilant

Take care to watch your purses and bags extremely carefully when you travel to bustling bus stations market, train stations and bazaars.

Learn The Basics of Native Language

Understanding the basics of phrases like “hello” “how do you feel” “how do I reach the bus stop” along with “Thank for your time” is vitally important. It will make communicating with locals much easier, as they will be grateful that you took the time to practice.

Rent a Vacation Home in the Vacation Rentals

Rent out vacation homes such as hostels, sharing apartments with locals. They’re usually less expensive, and living in a way that is local to you is enjoyable. Additionally you be with fellow expats that have similar interests. Visit websites for vacation rentals to reserve your accommodations.

Request Suggestions

Ask your roommates and/or your host for suggestions on the most delicious food, most affordable attraction, and enjoyable activities in the area.

Book Your Flights Now

Make reservations for flights between 2 and 3 months in advance to secure the lowest airfare ticket prices.

Do Not Pay in Advance for Services That will be Provided

When you purchase items or looking for services that are that are advertised through social media sites don’t pay in cash prior to delivery. There are many advertisements on the internet that do not appear as they are and you should make sure to purchase or book on the internet and pay using your prepaid card or other type of form that confirms of the payment. If the item isn’t delivered or service was not performed You may contest the transaction and claim your refund.

Eat Street Food

How can you enjoy a destination without having street food? Street food is a part of the local culture and you wouldn’t want to miss it. A majority of the local delights are produced and sold in the streets. If children are eating it, they are healthy.

Try A New Dish

Be flexible and don’t be apprehensive. Put the food into your mouth and take in every bite. If you’re not flexible enough it could be difficult to take part to some wonderful local food options.

Locals don’t eat out all of the time, and neither should you

You can get a better understanding of the diet of the locals by the food items they purchase. It is recommended to shop for groceries and cook your own meals. It’s cheaper and healthier.

Do Not Eat or Shop Near a Tourist Site

Restaurants and Merchandise shops close to tourist attractions will always be expensive. It is possible to purchase the same or better good quality food and products only a few streets away for a more cost-effective prices. This can cost you less.

Use my top travel advice and enjoy the most memorable trip across Africa in addition to other destinations. Please feel free to share any tips I might have left out in the comments.



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