How To Manage Your Addiction Recovery During COVID Christmas

We know that the holiday season isn’t easy for those recovering. As we get closer to Christmas when COVID-19 restrictions are put in place, it is possible that you might be feeling more anxious about how you’ll get throughout the next few months. Alcohol Rehab Places helps you find the best alcohol rehab places near you for addiction treatment programs and rehabilitation. Get connected with the leading rehab centers that provide an intensive treatment option for addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

We’ve put together some suggestions and guidelines to help you stay healthy and ensure your recovery throughout the holidays of this year:

Keep busy

Christmas is the time of year where people’s schedules are more flexible as they have time off at to work, the schools are closed and shops close. We suggest putting together the Christmas plans that take into consideration the time period following Christmas Day so that you maintain a regularity and structure.

In your plan, you should record all the events you plan to do that include the activities you are doing to recover that could include virtual meetings telephone calls, meetings with your coach or continuing therapy sessions.

Take care to take time for yourself and do activities you love or that you find relaxing as well. Also, schedule your time to exercise and get outdoors, which are good mood-boosting activities.

Make a Plan and Take the Responsibility

If you plan spending time with your family and your friends according to the guidelines of the government, create an inventory of what you should do to ensure you are secure. It could include:

  • Knowing where you’re going, what the experience is like and the people who are going to be present
  • Bring your own non-alcoholic drinks along
  • Cars that you drive in or taxi numbers
  • Let your host know that you could have to leave earlier
  • Timely booking prior to and following the event to talk to an sober person or your sponsor
  • Plan how you can be able to say no to plans when you must do so, is totally appropriate to do
  • Making an exit strategy that you can implement if you begin to be uneasy

If you have booked something on your schedule but you don’t feel like going We understand that it may be hard to stop, since it may be difficult to feel like you’re disappointing people. Remember that you don’t need to attend any event which could put your recovery at risk especially if you have substances or alcohol in the room.

You can also contact to Alcohol Rehab Places who provide Private Alcohol Addiction Treatment by the most experienced and certified specialists. The dedicated team of alcohol addiction specialists at Alcohol Rehab Places have years of experience dealing with people suffering from alcohol addictions and can provide extensive advice and support using their knowledge and skills. The amount of time you are with us is completely dependent on the severity of your addiction.

Do not be apprehensive and don’t isolate Yourself

The Christmas season can be stressful time if you’re recovering, but don’t be a stranger to your family and those who love your recovery.

Being connected allows you to have fun during the holiday season, but it also means that you can talk about any concerns and seek assistance when you need it.

In the event that you find it more challenging the year ahead, take use of the tools available to you:

  • Make video calls with people you normally meet.
  • Find festive games and quizzes in the calendar with various groups.
  • Create a virtual viewing party for a Christmas movie
  • Gifts and cards that you can open with each other on screen

Also, create your own list of 10 people who you can contact as well as your sponsor, should they have one. Keep this list on you always and contact the minimum of one individual per day.

Be Kind to Yourself

Christmas can bring back emotional memories and feelings for people who are in recovery. The stress and strain of the Christmas time can also cause people to feel extremely overwhelmed and stressed.

Don’t believe that you’re failing if you feel this. Keep in mind this: Christmas Day is ‘just another day’ in the grand plan of the world.

Accept that the Christmas season can be also a stressful time and remind yourself that it’s especially difficult for those recovering from illness. Be sure to take good care of yourself during the Christmas season:

  • Utilize the strategies and abilities you’ve learned throughout your recovery
  • Utilize the support networks and resources that you are able to access
  • Establish healthy boundaries and refuse to do anything you aren’t able to fit onto your plate
  • Be aware of your desires. Take a bite of food in case you’re feeling hungry. Get in touch when you’re feeling angered. Join an Zoom meeting or phone an acquaintance if you feel isolated. Have a restful night’s sleep when you’re exhausted.

Additionally, consider creating new, positive customs as you depart from the way you used to live at the time of the holidays. Find out what activities are feasible despite COVID-19 limitations such as taking a drive-in drive-in to see a Christmas film or buying a novel (virtual) game with your family or a drive-through of the holiday lights.

Review Your Achievements

The New Year and Christmas is usually a time of contemplation. Consider this chance to appreciate not only the Christmas season but also your own life of sobriety. It’s something that you can be proud of and taking pride in. Take advantage of every day be aware that the greatest present you can give your loved ones and yourself cherish you is to enjoy the holiday time clean and sober.



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