How to Make Your Garage Door Look Like a Carriage Door

Are you fed up with the plain garage door you have always had? Bring your garage back to the past by changing your standard garage door into a carriage-style one. In order to do this, you’ll need change a few things. Gate Repair Experts provides professional gate installation, replacement and fabrication services to both commercial and residential customers. They offer top-quality gate installation services for all types of gates like aluminum gates, custom gates, iron gates, driveway gates, electric gates, and motorized gates.

What is a Carriage Door?

Carriage houses were essentially the garages that oozed old-world elegance. Carriage homes housed carriages and horses that transported people from one spot to the next. They looked like barns as well as their doorways were like doors for barns. Nowadays, the word “carriage door” typically refers to doors for garages that have the appearance of doors from barns. The doors of this type typically come with hardware, distinct planking made of wood and windows.

What accessories make your Door look like a carriage style Door?

A lot of traditional garage doors are easily converted to a carriage-style door using little effort from homeowners and will take about 30 minutes. In fact, the carriage door conversion can be achieved in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish between the two. The majority of the time all you’re going need is a screwdriver, drill and screwdriver to complete these fast and easy modifications.

Here are a few accessories we would recommend to upgrade your garage door. The majority of them are available on Amazon.

  • Hardware for hinges. Carriage doors were fixed with massive iron hinges. The hinges were black and prominent from the front. Hinges with decorative designs are offered for sale by garage door manufacturers and suppliers.
  • handles. Traditionally, carriage doors didn’t lift up. They were opened inwards, just like normal doors. Handles were used to open the doors out. Similar to the huge iron hinges they were also noticeable. Nowadays, many garage door manufacturers sell these handles to facilitate installation.
  • Windows. It’s difficult to put windows on the garage door that doesn’t already have windows. But, fake windows could be painted or glued on as stickers.

Can I Make My Garage Door Look Like Wood?

If you have the right paint and a couple of hours of hard work, you can absolutely alter your garage door to appear like wood. Make sure you choose the right shade, as if it is too dark , it could cause the accessories to appear less prominent. Gate Repair Experts is a professional company with years of experience in the Wooden Gate Repair Industry. They offer a fast and efficient wooden gate replacement service, so you can get your wooden gate fixed quickly and easily.

Do You Have the Ability to Create Your Own Door Accessories for Carriage Style?

Handles and hinges can be painted onto the garage door using black paint. However, hinges that are painted and handles are often less authentic than the types of hinges typically offered by garage door accessories manufacturers. For the most authentic look of carriage-door conversion, get in touch with an expert custom gate installation who can offer you a durable and attractive product.

Do you want a genuine carriage-style door? Contact us!

Carriage-style doors can boost the curb appeal of your home and value. In the event that your garage door has fallen into bad condition or simply old, it might be the right time to install an entirely new door. Find a reputable Gate Installers Near Me to discuss installing the new garage door in the style of a carriage within your home. They will offer you a price for a brand new garage door. Call them today to make an appointment.



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