How To Get Cheap Car Rental During Peak Season

Do your homework

The most important thing to do is shop between different companies. The cost of car rental are subject to change on a regular basis, therefore make sure you don’t lose out. Whatever you decide to go with it is worth to check their background, the reputation of the business and customer reviews, etc. Also, be specific about your requirements and plan your tour ahead of time. You must be aware of what’s part of the price. A classic saying “Early to get up” and “Early to rise” …” is a perfect fit for car rental. When you reserve your car, the greater are your chances of getting the most affordable bargains.

Reexamine the fuel policy

A lot of car rental companies follow the tank-to-tank policy that means they will supply you with a full tank , and ask that you return the car with a full tank. This is the correct policy that is beneficial to both the customer and the company. Many other companies will supply customers with an empty tank of fuel at the time you leave and then ask that you must return the vehicle empty. They claim that this is easier. But this is a way to profit from each customer. They offer the best prices for the entire tank, and they let most customers go with one quarter of the tank. Therefore, when the company is filling up to fill up for the next customer, they simply need to fill three-quarters of the tank. The fuel that was wasted could have cost between 500 and 700 dollars. If the company can offer this for 10 clients per week it can earn an additional 7000 dollars or 364000 dollars a year. Therefore, whenever possible, make arrangements to have the vehicle returned full of fuel and do not charge for the tank from the beginning.

Do not fall for the insurance scam

Scaring strategies are a reliable deals technique for car hire companies. There aren’t many things that can make a person shiver more than being obligated to pay the price of the car in case there’s an accident or the vehicle is stolen. Massive “excesses” are commonplace now and are an effective tool when it comes to offering you additional insurance. The extra insurance provided by hire companies can be a bit complicated. Certain policies cover excess, others cover windows, windscreens as well as tire damages. The best choice is to purchase excess waiver insurance separately before making your purchase. The cheapest insurance plans covering glass, wheels, missing fuelling loss of keys and breakdowns, start under 1000 dollars to cover two weeks protection.

Fines for speeding follow you home

Fines for speeding, and similar charges are likely to follow you home since the taxi company knows your address. Also, don’t believe that you are able to get away by driving drunk, either. Be aware that you could be charged with penalties on the spot for certain offenses. Additionally, it’s easy to fall victim to your own security while on vacation. The problem is that holiday rental cars are easy for criminals to detect, which is why you need to be extra vigilant. If you are involved in an accident, be sure you comply with the rules that are set out by the car rental company. It may mean reporting it immediately to them as well as the police based on the seriousness that the accident occurred. You’ll likely require a investigation report from the police.

Inspect the car, and then make sure you check the car again

Whatever way you feel snarled and exhausted you feel taking a good glance at the vehicle when you take it off. If you notice any marks make sure you bring your attention to chauffeurs or drivers and ensure that they be noted on the form. Don’t be shy , and ensure that you take photos of any issue — if you are able to do so with smartphones, since this instantly adds date and times to the image. Also, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the proper safety equipment. When you are handing it over, examine the car thoroughly and, If there is a staff member available ensure that they verify the car together with you. If no staff are in the area, take a second photo of the vehicle using your phone to take pictures that include the date and time. Be sure to return the keys in a secure spot.




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