How to deal with corns on the feet?

corns on the feet

Calluses and corns on the feet are a typical problem and people with the problem is always seeking out easy solutions to treat calluses and corns on the feet. It’s not as simple. Calluses and corns can be found on the feet and the toes due to excessive pressure placed on an area. A corn is less pronounced, but it is also deeper and occurs due to pressure that is more localized. A callus is bigger but not as deep. It is in response to increased pressure on a larger area. These are normal processes which the skin becomes thicker to defend itself to pressure that is higher on the affected regions. The reason for the increased pressure could be a variety of factors, such as an hammer-toe, a bunions, a fallen arch or shoes that aren’t properly fitting. Since there are a lot of things to happen to the feet, and we are walking in our shoes, it is the reason there is excess pressure from all of those.Family Doctors Urgent Care has certified physicians to provide you with the highest quality Urgent Care Center.

The best method to treat a corn or a callus is having the skin thickened removed and then have the cause eliminated. The removal of the thicker skin however you do it, is not the best solution since it will return from the same place. It could take a couple of months, weeks, or even a full year or more, but it will eventually return.

corns on the feetIt is crucial to identify exactly where the excessive pressure that causes the corn to form and address the issue to stop it from returning. It could be as simple as finding better fitting shoes to lessen pressure, or as complex as having surgery done on the bunion in order to remove the bone that causes the pressure.

One option you shouldn’t be using to treat them is medical corn pads. They are often advertised as a treatment for corns, but they don’t do well. The concept behind them is that they are infused with an acid which is believed to destroy the corn. The pad with the medicated substance is put on top of the corn and it is designed to remove the corn. But the acid isn’t aware of what is and isn’t a corn therefore it will devour any surface you apply it to. It will take away the normal skin surrounding and under the corn. It can be very hazardous if you have an existing medical condition like diabetes(Quality Primary Care), as it could affect the way you recover from the acid. If, by chance, the corn pad is able to eat away sufficient of your corn in order to offer you some relief, however, the medicated corn pad will not remove the source for the problem. It will return and continue to do so until you take action to alleviate the pressure that caused this corn to grow in the beginning. Do yourself a favor visit a podiatrist to receive some suggestions regarding how to treat the causes.



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