How Much Can I Sue for a Dog Bite?

In the event of cases of dog bites, the dog owners will typically be accountable. This means that they have to pay medical bills. In certain situations, the dog’s owner will not be required to pay the costs and could not be held responsible.

The dog’s owner is accountable (sometimes known as solely responsible) for the injuries that are that their dog causes however, it is the home insurance plan that is going to take care of your medical expenses or emergency room visits.

How much can I sue for a dog Bite?

The majority of dog attack cases are characterized by severe injuries, or cause large financial damage. In general, higher cash awards can be awarded if the animal is attacked:

  • Causes visible scarring or disfigurement (these cases may result in settlements that exceed $100,000)
  • Causes permanent disability (these cases may involve settlements in excess of $200,000)
  • Requires emergency medical attention
  • It requires surgery or prolonged medical treatment
  • This leads to the need for mental health therapies that focuses on the those who have suffered from dog bites (such as counseling for PTSD)

On average, one are able to expect about $40,000 for a serious but common dog bite, but it’s all dependent on the exact injuries sustained and the financial damage suffered. A settlement or award for injuries usually reimburses the injury victim for medical expenses and out-of-pocket expenses, as well as lost wages, as well as other consequential damage.

If a person is awarded an agreement that provides reimbursement for medical expenses the person may be required to reimburse the health insurance company or pay medical bills that are outstanding (if they have any). A majority of the money will be used to pay the medical expenses.

A Dog Bites at Small Claims Court

You can bring your claim in small claims court without the need for a lawyer , but the majority of states and counties limit the settlements of small claims courts to minimum $10,000. If the injury you suffered is serious or you believe the medical bills you incur will be more, you might need legal advice before making a claim.

Remember that small claims court requires you to plan your case, make it available and then be off from work for a while to complete the research along with court hearings. For certain people, hiring an attorney to manage cases involving dog bites will be cheaper over the long term, and attorneys are able to collect more money for you.

“Pain And Suffering” Compensation

Some people can also receive money to ease pain and suffering following a serious dog bite. Usually, the amount (called “damages”) to compensate for suffering and pain will be contingent on:

  • The degree of the injury
  • How much rehabilitation and injury interfered with the normal routine of a person

There is no set payment amount for the pain and suffering. The settlement offer you receive will contain an amount in dollars along with your personal injury lawyer can accept or negate the deal. You are able to request more or declare that you’ll never take the deal.

Should I sue after an incident with a Dog Bites Me?

If you are attacked by a dog you might be very angry until the point that you might think of suing to retaliate against the dog’s owner or since it makes you feel like you need to act.

You should also think about the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding to the court. If you decide to sue the best choice then you must consider when to file a legal case for small claims and whether it is worth the effort.

The homeowner’s or renters insurance will cover for bites from dogs, however there are a few who have this coverage. If the pet owner who is responsible for your injuries isn’t insured and does not have assets, there might be no option to obtain a settlement or cash. The decision to not sue due to this fact must be carefully analyzed with the assistance of a lawyer who handles dog bites.

If you do choose not to pursue a lawsuit then you might want to reconsider your decision later on later on. Injuries that are not serious can get more serious as time passes, or the injury may not be apparent until several weeks later. In any event it’s recommended to seek an examination by a physician of the injury. If you are unsure, consult an attorney.

A lawyer who handles dog bite cases is the ideal person to determine the value of your dog bite case. In general, more serious injuries (or more traumatizing circumstances) result in larger settlements.

But be aware that the majority of injuries claims have to be filed within a period of one and a half years according to your state’s statute of limitation.



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