How Can We Control Our Blood Sugar With Blood Sugar Remedies?

Due to the speed of life and the people who indulge into unhealthy eating habits such as junk food, many people today are diagnosed with elevated blood sugar. High blood sugar levels can be risky and could cause a variety of health issues, including obesity, heart disease eye damage, kidney damage etc. Most often, a person suffering from elevated blood sugar is identified as having hyperglycemia or diabetes. In such instances, the doctor might prescribe insulin shots, and then adjust the dosage of the medication to suit. However, prompt diagnosis, followed by a proper treatment and changes to your lifestyle can help to monitor your blood sugar levels rising. There are a variety of natural remedies , some of which are listed below.

Natural Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels

1. Drinking plenty of water , particularly after meals can help in lowering the levels of glucose in blood.

2. Do a routine of exercise every day because it will help you shed weight and manage your blood sugar levels in your body.

3. Incorporate more proteins, legumes as well as whole grains, vegetables and legumes and limit your intake of carbohydrates-rich foods.

4. Avoid drinking sodas and alcohol since they can raise blood sugar levels.

5. Take small, frequent meals each 3-4 hours.

6. Green tea can also be beneficial. It has ployphenols that help to stop spikes in sugar levels.

7. Dissolve 1 – 2 tablespoons of vinegar made from apple cider into the water in a glass and drink it prior to or after meals.

8. Include plenty of fiber into your diet. Include fruits such as apple, figs, lemon, guava and orange and grains that are similar to rains include barley, oats the wheat flour, Jowar bajra and wheat, rice flakes refined flour of wheat (without the husk) and rice puffed.

9. Salacia is one of the most popular herbs utilized in the treatment of blood sugar.

10. Make cinnamon sticks with tea. It can also be added to smoothies, porridge, or any other food that you prefer.

11. Take a handful of okra chopped and let it soak over night in water. The next day, drink it with a full stomach.

12. Make sure you include zinc rich food items in your diet, such as walnuts, almonds , and ginger root.

13. Fenugreek or methi works amazingly to lower the blood sugar level. It is possible to put it in a bath overnight or drink it the next day or rub it with some oil along with turmeric powder, and salt and then eat it.

14. The bitter gourd juice and Neem can also help control blood sugar levels.

15. Make fresh juice from amla (Indian gooseberry) Mix the powder of turmeric and drink it every day.

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