Get Answers To The 10 Most Common Hvac Problems

While certain HVAC problems are merely an issue of cleaning the filters and coils, a lot of the most frequent problems with cooling and heating systems could become more significant problems if not dealt with in a timely manner. Many of these issues are easily avoided by regular preventive maintenance visits. It is recommended that you check your system annually to ensure that you are not affected by severe weather conditions.

10 Common HVAC Problems

1.) The lack of maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance with an authorized service provider such as AC Repair Techs Gardendale is necessary to ensure your system is operating properly. A lot of frequent furnace issues are avoided by regular maintenance performed by a licensed service provider. You’ve probably invested hundreds of dollars into the heating system in your home. Why not take care to protect your investment? If you don’t perform regular maintenance, you’ll likely face unexpected and costly breakdowns and increased energy bills as well as frustration and poor performance.

2.) Dirty Filters

The need to replace your filter on a regular basis is among the most crucial actions you can take to prolong the life and performance the efficiency of your furnace. When your furnace’s filter gets filthy it can impede airflow , which causes your unit to work harder to circulate air throughout your home. This can put unnecessary stress on the furnace’s air compressor and could cause problems with comfort as well. Filter soiled can cause your furnace to overheat, and then turn off at high temperature. Stop breathing in dirty air and causing yourself to get sick, contact the experts AC Filter Replacement Gardendale to replace worn out and dirty AC filters for commercial or residential requirements. They are highly rated by our clients and offer an emergency AC filter Replacement Services that means you won’t be stuck in a situation of emergency.

3) Pilot Or Ignition Problems

Problems with ignition can arise from many reasons. A dirty the flame sensor or burners may result in a pilot shut-off short cycling, furnace lockout and delayed or ineffective ignition of burners. This could also be a cause of gas supply malfunction or simply wear and tear on an ignition component that must be replaced , like the hot surface igniter or thermocouple. Whatever the reason, it’s recommended to have the issue taken care of by a skilled service technician, since they work with potentially dangerous components like Natural gas as well as high-voltage.

4.) Thermostat Failure

There are numerous thermostats, both programmable as well as non-programmable. Most of the time homeowners are concerned that their furnace isn’t functioning correctly, there is an issue related to the thermostat or the way it’s set. Reading the owner’s manual as well as the operating guidelines can save you from having to pay for an expensive or unneeded repair. Programmable thermostats could require replacement of batteries frequently. If the thermostat is still functioning, issues are easily identified by a technician who can service the thermostat.

5.) Mechanical Wear and Tear

There are numerous mechanical parts that your heating system is dependent on. The performance of your heating system could be negatively affected by the normal wear and tear on these parts. This includes bearings and belts which can lead to problems with heating, overheating or airflow problems. Regular maintenance is required to check for stretched or worn belts, oiling bearings, and motors, if needed. If the heating system in your boiler is not working as it should and you want to repair it immediately. In order to have your boiler’s heating system repaired by a professional Emergency Heating Repair Gardendale This will make sure that your system is operating without risk.

6) Unusual Furnace Noises

Certain furnace noises are normal to hear however, others could be an indication or warning sign of a mechanical issue. A whining or squealing sound could be a sign that the bearings of the inducer or blower motor are not working properly. The replacement of the motor could be necessary to avoid furnace malfunction. If not, we can perform an entire furnace replacement. Other noises could be due to the issue of airflow and dirty combustion chambers. In any case, it’s recommended not to ignore these signals as they could signal a warning of a hazardous operating condition, or cause a furnace to fail.

When your furnace starts not working make an appointment for repairs to your furnace and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furnace repair is done by you are working with a licensed technician. Furnace Repair Gardendale They will get your system functioning as fast as we can. The comfort of your home is their goal, which is why they offer 24/7 services to fix your industrial or commercial furnace.

7.) Blown Fuses Or Tripped Breakers

The most frequent reason why the furnace is able to trip the circuit breaker is because the blower is working too hard. If there is a blockage that restricts the flow of air through your system, the blower must perform harder in order to make up for the loss. The most frequent cause is an air filter that is dirty. If the dust in the air filter has accumulated,, your blower is forced to exert more effort to push air into the filter. This will increase the blower’s power consumption, and may trigger the circuit breaker. Make sure you replace your filter it with a fresh one prior to resetting the circuit breakers. If the issue recurs you should consult a professional who will easily determine if the issue is due to an issue with the furnace or the circuit breaker itself might have been malfunctioning. Other causes that could cause the blower overwork are leaks in the duct and blocked or closed air registers, or dirty coils.

8.) Dirty Condenser or Evaporator Coils

If regular maintenance of your air conditioner was ignored and it’s not cooling as efficiently as it should be. The accumulation of dirt and debris could clog the coils of your unit which can significantly lower its efficiency and make it wear more quickly. It is possible to hose off the outdoor coil by turning off the energy to the condenser. The power can be turned off via the electrical disconnect close to the condenser, or on the electrical panel. In the indoor area, the evaporator could be dirty, particularly when the furnace filter is not replaced regularly. A dirty evaporator will reduce the efficiency of your furnace as well as your air conditioner, and cause your system perform more efficiently. The coils that are extremely dirty will have cleaning by a certified service technician AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Gardendale.

9) Blower runs continuously

There are many reasons that a furnace’s fan could continue to run. Before making a request for service, make sure to make sure the fan switch is in the thermostat. The motor is running continuously in the event that the thermostat has been set with the fan off position. The most common scenario is that homeowners make a mistake and switch the fan switch on.

There is a relay within the furnace which activates the blower whenever there is a need for heat. If the relay fails then the furnace will not be shut off. There are various types of safety features and limitations on the furnace. When activated the circuit board can start the furnace in order for cooling. If the safety limit is fail to reset the fan won’t be shut off. A certified service technician will examine the issue and suggest repairs.

10) Water Leaks

Air conditioners as well as high efficiency furnaces generate condensate. Drain pipes are used to ensure proper drainage of water. Furnaces may leak water when the drain lines have become broken or blocked. Homeowners can keep the drain lines in good condition by adding bleach to the drain regularly. Other leak-related sources might be coming from the collector box or heat exchanger, or the evaporator drain pan. Emergency AC Repair Gardendale It is recommended to contact a professional to find out the source of the leak as well as repair solutions.



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