Fresh & Cool Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash Design

Kitchen Backsplash Design have become an option to protect wall surfaces from splashes or soap. They’ve evolved and are now a fashion feature.

Many homeowners install backsplashes not for protection of their walls, but rather to add style and beauty of their kitchen.

There’s a common belief within the property business that kitchens raise the cost and value of a house. The style of your kitchen is a major factor to be played in the price of your home particularly if you’re looking to rent or sell it.

If you’re not selling your house you are entitled to an incredibly beautiful and practical kitchen. Your kitchen should be designed to ensure that you feel comfortable to sit in it for a while.

If your kitchen is boring and dull or you are looking to bring an air of freshness in your home, the experts advise you do it within a tight budget by reworking the backsplash in your kitchen and making it into the focal point of your design.

Here are seven cool, innovative ideas for designing your kitchen backsplash and improve the appearance of your kitchen overall –

Higher Backsplash

The design of backsplashes starts at the height that the countertop is. You can however add more visually appealing design elements in the kitchen by putting your backsplash up to the top of your cabinets on the walls and even up to the ceiling.

Wider Backsplash

Similar to the example discussed earlier, you can also extend your backsplash into your kitchen to make the patterns of your backsplash tiles apparent.

However, for this, you’ll need to choose the appropriate tile color and pattern because tiles with intricate designs and patterns may make your kitchen appear chaotic. It is best to select a the backsplash tile that is easy to see and attractive.

The Colorful Backsplash

Tiles that are plain and basic can sometimes be dull. There is a lot of vibrance you can add to your kitchen with vibrant porcelain, stone, ceramic as well as mosaic tiles.

Mix and match colors according to your personal preferences. You can also design random patterns with colors for your kitchen backsplash. Make sure that the colors used on the backsplash are in harmony with the overall style of your home.



If you’re following this fashion, there could be a requirement to alter the colour of your cabinets as well as other fixtures and appliances in order to make a more seamless appearance.

Have fun playing with the Grout Colors

To showcase your costly and stunning kitchen tiles you could think about the use of distinct grout shades. The grout color can define or derail your style, as many interior designers agree.

The grout color can have a direct influence on the appearance of your room. Experts recommend that you be able to match the grout’s color with the tiles in order for a seamless appearance and, if you’re looking to make a statement with your style make use of contrasting grout colors.

This rule can be applied to your kitchen backsplash too.


There’s a huge selection of tiles with textures available in tile stores. There is a cool and soothing look to that kitchen’s backsplash. You’re given choice of creativity. Simply browse through their selection to find the one that you like the most.

To mention a few examples, some of the most popular tile textures are linear veining, granular, oceanic, metallic wood, terracotta and stone. It is also possible to use cloud and floral textures.

When it comes to textures it is necessary to be a bit creative in choosing the grout color. It is possible to discuss this with your tile dealer or the rep for your tile store.

Retrospective Look

Wood-look backsplash tiles as well as wood-look backsplash tiles stone backsplash tiles and stone-look backsplash tiles are the best for creating a retro style in the kitchen.

It is possible to create a backsplash and counter section a retro style with these tiles.

Terracotta-look ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are also regarded as having the same function.

Designer Mosaics

There are design mosaics as well as designer mosaic tiles on the market. When using mosaics, you’ll be required to plan your layout carefully and install it cautiously. The results are sure to be spectacular I’m sure of it.

If you opt for the mosaic tiles designed by a professional, which are beautiful and evenhanded and beautiful, the result are the same. However, there’s another benefit of choosing mosaic tiles designed by a professional which is that they are extremely easy to set up and maintain.

There is no need to spend a lot of time picking the correct layout because they are pre-assembled on mesh. It is enough to put them in them as you would every other tile.

Design and mosaic tile mosaic backsplashes bring contemporary look to the kitchen design.

When you are choosing kitchen tiles backsplash, choose one that is strong enough to stand up to the demands of the kitchen.



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