Do You Recommend Companies Use Ethernet or WiFi?

What is the difference between a wired and wireless one? Is one of these connections more suitable for your company’s needs than the other? In the end there are a lot of considerations to take into consideration when deciding on the best internet connection for your company. These tips are from Emily Lugo, owner of Computer Repair Services Decatur, will help you choose whether to use Ethernet and WiFi options for your company use.

What is the difference between Ethernet as well as WiFi?

Simply put, Ethernet is wired, and WiFi can be described as wireless. As Lugo clarifies, “the term Ethernet is typically used to refer to the wired local area network. WiFi is a means of connecting to networks without cable.” Both connect users to the internet, however, the Ethernet connection requires physical connections using Ethernet cables and ports. WiFi connections are not required. WiFi connection does not require physical cable connection and connects gadgets to internet via the wireless router and modem.

Is Ethernet more secure than WiFi?

If you’re worried about keeping your company’s data confidential, Lugo recommends using an Ethernet connection instead of an WiFi connection to connect staff to the web. “Both choices can be secured however it’s more difficult to secure a wireless network since it is more vulnerable to hacking. WiFi is vulnerable to attacks that target proximity, meaning an attacker is close but doesn’t have access to the area of business.”

When you work from home or with employees and utilize wireless connections, you need to be aware of the network you decide for connection, particularly when it’s a public network. The public WiFi network are much more vulnerable to hacker attacks than wired or wireless home networks. If your employees choose remote work from a coffee shop, make sure they use security measures when using WiFi networks that are public to ensure your data is secure.

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What are the advantages of using Ethernet instead of. WiFi?

WiFi is more popular among the 5 billion internet users, particularly on mobile devices however that doesn’t mean it’s better. Poor WiFi signals could slow down the speed of your connection, and the connection may drop completely if your network is overwhelmed. Ethernet network adapters generally offer greater bandwidth, allowing greater space for data transfer. They also have lower latency. Although it is still feasible for an Ethernet connection to be overloaded also, it’s not as likely.

In general, Ethernet offers a more secure and stable connection. According to Lugo states, “Ethernet is generally capable of higher speeds and is more resistant to interference, which gives you greater security.” Although Ethernet cables restrict your ability to move your device around, they provide an even more secure connection. Based on the type of device you are using it is a minimal cost to prevent security and connectivity problems.

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