Different Types Of Drain Cleaning Solutions


How often do your bathroom and kitchen drains get cleaned? You might be having plumbing problems soon. Food particles and grease can get lodged in drains every time you wash dishes. You may also find hair, dirt and soap clogging the drains every time you take a bath. There are many drain cleaning options that can help you manage your drains. These include:

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners, as their name suggests, are a group of chemicals that can clear blockages in the drainage system. They dissolve the substance causing them. Chemical drain cleaners work in different ways. If there is too much trash in your drain, then you will have to consider hiring a professional Junk Removal Brooklyn to take out all the junk.

There are three types of chemical drain cleaners. These include:

Oxidizing Cleaners

They may not be as acidic than acidic cleaners, and they may not completely dissolve severe clogs. They contain bleach or nitrate. Organic clogs from food particles can be dissolved using oxidizing cleaners.

Acidic Cleaners

These cleaners contain high levels acid which break down the clog in drain cleaning. Acidic cleaners may contain Caustic Cleaners

These cleaners can be made from lye or potash. Caustic cleaners are more effective than acidic cleaners because they have a high pH. They can also be used to break up grease clogs.


Non-Chemical Solutions

You can opt for non-chemical drain cleaning solutions if you don’t like the idea using chemicals in your home. There are several non-chemical options for drain cleaning:

  • Drain snake- This flexible tube is inserted into drain’s end and rotated around to clear obstructions such as hair.
  • Drain plunger- It has a huge suction cup at one end that can be used to clear out sink clogs. It is not to be confused with a toilet plunger.

Professional Services

A professional service like Drain Pro can clean your drains and clear out any clogs. The best way to clean out your drainage system is to hire professionals. Call us today for professional drain cleaning services at 0527474864 .



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