Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Sewer/Drains

Properly using your drains can make a huge difference in the maintenance and repairs of your sewer and drains. If left unattended, the gradual damage can cause costly and inconvenient drain or sewer emergencies that could pose a threat to the integrity of your entire property.

You can control what goes down the drain

You can clog your three-inch drain pipe that connects your toilet to your main sewer line with improper items like paper towels, feminine hygiene products and food.

To clear the blockage, you will need to remove your entire toilet if an object gets too far into your drain or sewer. One item that isn’t right can block the main waste line and cause a blockage in all the drains. You can prevent plumbing emergencies by keeping all unusable items in a trash bag and calling a plumber immediately you notice a blocked toilet drain.

Not maintaining the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is used to reduce food waste. However, certain foods like flour, rice and vegetable peels, bones and potatoes can clog your garbage disposal. These foods can be thrown in the trash or used for compost.

Don’t Use Too Much Drain Cleaner

Many people resort to drain cleaners to clear their drains when they become blocked. Common drain cleaners can cause corrosion, which can lead to more serious clogs. Pipe damage can cause more expensive repairs. To thoroughly clean your drains, call a sewer and drain technician without using chemicals.

Do not pour chemicals down the drain

Modern homes use public sewer systems, but some homes still use a traditional septic system. Septic systems require a completely different maintenance program, which, as many fail realize, includes a decreased use of chemicals. Bleach, paint, detergents and other chemicals can kill the essential waste-eating bacteria within the septic tank. This leads to clogs and potentially serious damage to the entire plumbing system.

Pipe Joining with Different Metals

Joints made from different metal types should be done with a dielectric union, or another approved fitting. Call your plumber to make sure your pipes are properly fitted. Galvanic action can cause corrosion when different metals are used. This corrosion can cause joint leaks or other types of pipe damage.

Trust the Sewer & Drain Specialists

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