Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are lighter and smaller than any other vehicle that is on the road. This means that motorcyclists are more at chance of suffering serious injuries or possibly even death, than motorists in the occasion in the event of an incident. After an accident, the majority of drivers will say they “didn’t notice” the motorbike. This is usually an excuse to avoid accountability but knowing the real reasons behind a motorbike accident is beneficial if you decide to file an action. This is why it is recommended to speak with an Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Opelika in the event that you’ve suffered serious injuries in a crash on the road.

Left-Turn Accidents

Many accidents involving motorcycles are the result of a driver taking an unintended left turn in front of a motorbike in the following situations:

  • The motorbike is coming in the opposite lane and the car is able to turn left and into the path of the motorcycle that is coming towards it.
  • The car is turned left when the motorcycle tries to pass the vehicle.

In these cases there is a chance that visibility might be an issue, however motorists are required to be alert for motorcycles. If the driver claims they were not at fault due to the fact that they did not see you, it is recommended to consult an Accident Attorney Opelika in order to talk about your situation.

Lane Changes

Lane changes are a common reason for motorbike accidents. Drivers who change lanes suddenly in a random manner, or without warning can pose a risk for motorcyclists. The Truck Driver in particular must be aware of their blind spot and reflections prior to switching lanes in order to avoid collisions. If you’ve been badly injured or suffered an enormous financial loss as a result of the course of a truck crash It is recommended to employ Truck Accident Lawyers Opelika to have your case in order for trial. Everyone has the legal right to individual to seek justice.


Since motorcycles weigh less and therefore, they are able to stop at an area that is smaller than a typical motor vehicle. Yet, there are numerous buses and cars slow down motorcycles. If the vehicle has to stop in a hurry to avoid an accident the vehicle following it could be able to rear-end it if they don’t stop on time, leading to severe injuries. When a bus accident is caused by a collision, the damages have to be compensated according to law. The knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyers at Bus Accident Lawyers Opelika can guide your through any bus crash claim that you’ve decided to pursue justice and compensation.

“Dooring” Accidents

“Dooring” accidents can occur whenever the owner of a vehicle parked suddenly opens the doors without looking at the direction of an approaching motorcycle. This could cause the rider of the motorcycle to turn towards traffic in order to avoid collision with the door or the driver. This could result in the rider being thrown into a crash, sending them onto the road in front of them. In dooring accidents, drivers will typically claim that they were not the cause of the accident and that is the reason you should seek out skilled Car Accident Lawyers Opelika.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions usually happen when a car or truck enters the oncoming lane in order to avoid another vehicle. This is another scenario when the driver may claim they did not see the cyclist. The reality is that these incidents can be devastating and can cause severe injuries to the cyclist. Personal Injury Lawyers Opelika can help you get fair compensation for your injuries.



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