Can I Go to Rehab If I Have an Arrest Warrant?

If you or someone you loves is suffering from addiction, the chances of having legal issues are higher the longer they abuse substances. In this way, you could be wondering, “Can I go to rehabilitation if I have an warrant issued for my arrest?”

The condition of alcohol use (AUD) also known as substance abuse disorder (SUD) may get to the point where you commit crimes in order to obtain alcohol or other drugs. You may also be facing criminal charges if you flee from the site of an incident that somebody was injured while driving under the influence.

In addition, learning that you’ve been issued an arrest warrant might inspire you to begin the initial steps towards recovering. If you are living and looking for a local lawyer or attorney for  DUI lawyers, Local Attorneys 360 is the best place to find local lawyers.

Do I have to go To Rehab If I have a Warrant?

When you reach the point that you realize that you need assistance for your SUD or AUD. If you’re aware of legal issues that could arise or an arrest warrant has been issued, do not let your legal concerns stop you from seeking assistance in the event you require it.

In the end it is possible to go to drug treatment places if you’ve got warrants. However, it’s essential to be aware that rehabilitation facilities aren’t criminal detention facilities. They will not let you avoid dealing with your legal problems or let them go away. There is still a need to settle your criminal issues at time.

Can You Be Arrested When In Rehab?

In the majority of instances it is not possible to be detained during rehabilitation. It is because of the privacy you receive when you are in a rehab facility. For instance, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) ensures that the privacy of patients, their medical records, and other information related to them.

The center’s treatment facility is not allowed to divulge any of its details with anyone including the police like:

  • What kind of treatment receive.
  • Details about the reason you are in rehabilitation.
  • Information about personal details that is disclosed.
  • If you’re even in a specific rehab facility.

However, the facility may divulge information if you’ve signed a consent form, they can only release it for those who have signed a consent to receive the information such as your health insurance company or a family member who is in your immediate vicinity.

Even if police know that you’re at the center they usually delay arresting you until you have left the alcohol rehab centers.

If You Are Arrested, When in Rehab

There are a few possible exceptions that allow you to be detained while in rehab, in the following manner:

  • You’ve committed a serious criminal offence or a terribly violent crime. For instance, you slapped an employee at a retail store to steal money.
  • The police have been served with an order from a court to subpoena. Subpoenas are mandates issued by a court which require you to provide details or provide evidence before a the court.

Can attending Rehab Aid My Court Case?

The majority of courts recognize the importance of seeking out help in the case of substance abuse and alcohol problems. They’d prefer you seek the help you require prior to bringing criminal charges against you. You might be thinking, “Will rehab help my case in court?”

It’s based on the crime incident and whether the person has a previous criminal history. Most courts will view rehabilitation favorably if it is your first offense in the criminal justice system.

Even if you do have criminal records the court might look at your decision to seek treatment for addiction as a positive step which could stop you from engaging in future criminal acts.

Resolving Your Legal Issues in Rehab

If you are enrolled in rehab, inform the intake professional know about the possibility of a warrant being issued in your favor for the arrest of you. This information will aid the family support specialist in coordinating with your lawyer in determining the severity of the offence.

Furthermore, your alcohol treatment program will involve understanding how to handle the anxiety faced by facing criminal accusations in order to prevent relapse following treatment.

Should I consult with a lawyer prior to entering Rehab?

If you suspect you’ve got the warrant for arrest, seek legal advice prior to beginning rehabilitation. A lawyer can provide you with an expert opinion if there are problems with getting into rehab with warrants.

Are You Able to Check Yourself Out of Rehab In the early hours?

Legally, it is possible to get out of rehab earlier in the event that you are served with an warrant for arrest. But you must be aware that once you leave rehab, police will take you into custody, and you’ll need to answer your criminal charges. In addition, the court could be hesitant to accept that you left rehab prior to completing your rehabilitation program.

Where Can I Get Rehab If I have an Order to Columbus, OH?

If you’ve got an arrest warrant and need assistance with your addiction You can go into the Ohio Addiction Recovery Center in Columbus. We do not share information regarding your rehab program, even with police. We’ll assist you in creating a your own treatment plan, which involves addressing your legal issues. For more details about our SUDl and AUD rehabilitation treatment programs, please feel free to get in touch and talk to an intake specialist now!



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