Air Lock in Waste Pipe? Here’s What to Do

Sink drains that are slow to drain and insufficient toilet flushes are a classic sign that there is an air lock problem. The majority of air locks found in drainpipes for plumbing are the result of the absence of air flow within the plumbing venting system. If you suspect that this is the problem with your plumbing system, it is recommended to get your system checked by a qualified plumber like as Dubai Emergency Plumber to prevent further problems and/or damage.

What is An Air Lock?

What does an air lock mean? Air locks are an air pocket which is trapped in the drainline. It is typically caused by an obstruction in the vent pipe. The air can become trapped in the pipe, creating an air lock that could limit water flow and lead to other plumbing issues.

The Signs of an Air Lock in your plumbing System

Since you aren’t able to visually see the contents of your drain lines for your plumbing however, there are alternatives to see whether an air lock causes your plumbing problems. Here are some ways to verify that an air lock is the source of issue:


  • Slow Drains: If you find that the drains in your house aren’t draining as fast as they do in the past, it could be because from an airlock. If air is trapped within the system of your home, it could cause bubbling or gurgling within your toilets.
  • A toilet flush that is not complete: If you flush the toilet, it doesn’t flush completelyand the water continues to swirl in the bowl before going down slowly, it’s most likely due to the airlock. It is also possible to notice bubbling in the tub or shower.

In both instances an air vent that is blocked can lead to these problems. If you reside in a cold climate during winter, humid air flowing into and out of the roof vent could get trapped in the opening, and then build up enough to block the vent. Small birds can often build nests within the vent’s opening. This may, over time, limit circulation of air through the vent’s opening.

A Lock of Air in the Sump Pump

When you’ve got an airlock installed at your sump pump , it could create major issues that can be expensive to fix. If the lock is limiting the pump’s ability to effectively drain excess water away from the foundation of your home and basement flooring, you could be in danger of flooding and structural damage. The issue can be solved by making a relief hole in your discharge hose. To ensure that the issue is fixed, put some water into the crock, or basin to check whether there is an airlock eliminated.

What can you do about Stubborn Air Locks

A leaky airlock within your drainline is generally not a major issue if it is cleared up promptly. However, certain air locks are less difficult to eliminate than others. The ones that are difficult to remove might require the assistance from an expert. If you’re facing an air lock within the drain lines in your system and are having trouble getting rid of it, get in touch with the experts who handle it daily and your Local Plumber Dubai. They can resolve your problem and will also check your entire system to verify it’s running smoothly.



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