7 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Keypad is Not Working

Keypads make it easier for you and your family members to gain access to the garage without having keys or remotes. Simply type in the code and you’re good to go! You are able to enter the garage and then take your vehicle out. It also provides protection for your home by allowing only those who have the code can access. Sometimes, however it may not work. But don’t fret we’ll explain the reason why your garage door’s keypad isn’t working.

Why is my Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work?

If your garage door’s keypad is either wireless or manual the device can fail because of a number of reasons. If your garage door won’t allow access after you’ve typed your code in, do not get worried. It’s important that you call immediately Electric Gate Opener Repair Hialeah, can help resolve any issues before they become more serious or expensive to fix later on down the line. Don’t wait until it becomes an emergency. You should try to determine the issueso that you be able to figure out what you can do. The most frequent reasons for why the garage door’s keypad might not be functioning are:

1. Pin is not correct

We’re sure you’ve learned the pin from memory. There is possible that you have misplaced the pin. Entering the wrong code multiple times could lock your keypad. So be careful not to type the wrong pin. It is possible to reset the pin or restart the whole system. If this does not perform, there could be a different reason for the garage door isn’t opening.

2. Batteries are dead

Because keypads are powered by batteries, you’ll have be aware of when it’s time to replace the batteries. There’s no warning that the battery is low, but your keypad may be blinking. Removing the batteries may resolve the problem. If not, the problem is somewhere else.

3. Wires have been damaged

If the replacement of the batteries did not result in a satisfactory solution, the wiring could be the issue. They may wear out over time, and cause damage to wires. The weather and other external factors could also cause damage to the wires over a short period of time. Most often, there is an interruption in the wire and the keys.

To look for damage to the wire To check for damage to the wires, take off the keypad’s back cover. Examine the wires to make sure they’re in good condition and not damaged. Test opening the door once more after you have put cover on. If that doesn’t work, try the following trick, contact an expert garage door repair service to repair the problem.

4. Buttons Don’t Have a Good Connection

If you’ve tried connecting the wires but your garage door keypad isn’t opening You might want to pay more at the buttons. Try entering random numbers that are not part of the current code. If you’re successful then your keys could be the root of the issue.

The issue could be due to accumulated particles or an old keypad. With time, the buttons on your keypad could become loose and fail. After cleaning off the dust the keypad should be functioning. If not, you’ll have to replace the keypad.

5. Keypad is old

Another reason your garage door’s keypad not functioning could be because of an older keypad. Factors like weather or humidity as well as snow can gradually influence the operation the keypad. Keypads typically last for around 10 years, dependent on the model you have chosen.

Any broken keys or cracks on your keypad could be a sign that your keypad is in need of replacing. Before that, however you call, make sure to contact an expert to see whether you require a replacement keypad. Electric Gate Operator Repair Hialeah, can help you get your Gate Operator System up and running again quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment today with them so that they can help get your gate operator repaired as soon as possible.

6. Code is not functioning properly

Sometimes the garage door has no issue when closed, however it is unable to open. It could be due to the code isn’t working properly and this causes the keypad for the garage door not functioning. This could happen due to many reasons.

Certain models of keypads require reprogramming after replacing the battery. Additionally, a keypad that is old could not recognize the code since it’s outdated. Additionally, adding pins can interfere in the way that code. Refer to the manual for how to change the code for your garage door. Ask a professional for assistance.

7. Keys are Stuck

The keys may become stuck when dirt and dust get trapped within the gaps between them. This means that the opener will not respond , even if you type in the proper code. To solve this issue you must thoroughly clean the keypad by wiping it clean. Use the soft bristles to clean the inside. In addition compressed air can effectively eliminate all dirt and grime from your keypad too.



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