7 Out Of The Box Kids Bathroom Ideas For Your Kids

If you are designing a bathroom specifically for children there are some things to take into consideration which differ from the traditional bathroom. While certain of these design variations can help with cleanliness, others can help to adapt to your child’s height as they grow through the years. We do not recommend creating bathrooms that are specific to the height and age your child is at the moment. Instead, try to come up with ideas outside of the box that can be as beneficial to your child at an early age as they would be in their teens. Bathroom Remodeling San Jose services of Remodel Instantly provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul. Here are some of our top out-of-the-box children bathroom ideas to think about when you are planning your bathroom remodel.

Transitional Toilets

Based on the age of your kids You may be playing with the possibility of installing a low toilet seat that will be able to accommodate the children while they’re in potty training and beyond. But the drawback of the idea is that it means a toilet with a low level is likely to require replacement when your children begin to grow out of it. Instead, opt for a toilet that is suitable for both children and adults, while making it easy for your child to use the bathroom. This will ensure that you don’t have to replace the toilet when they get older.

Another option to consider is toilet seats with soft-close that are perfect for homes with kids where toilets tend to get shut. It will not only protect the toilet seat from being hit, it will also prevent your child’s fingers from being stuck on the other side of the fire.

Accessible Storage

There’s a good chance you have plenty of toiletries and other things in the cabinets of your bathroom? particularly if you’re trying to keep from what can be an inevitable mess on your countertops! Set your kids up to be successful in their hygiene habits can be accomplished by organizing the bathroom of your child with storage that is easily accessible. If you are searching for a Bathroom Renovation in San Jose, CA, you will come to know about Remodel Instantly.

You could consider installing a hamper in their bedroom where they can practice putting away their clothes before getting ready to go to the night. Make pull-out drawers, or storage baskets inside the cabinets to store anything they might require, including toothpaste and cotton swabs to bandaids and dental floss. Be sure that all the items are neatly organized and placed in a place that is easily accessible at their height or lower (or easily accessible using the step stool).

Pull-Out Step Stool

Based on the size of the bathroom your child is using It is possible that you don’t want an extra step stool in the corner, eating the space. Instead, think about adding an adjustable step stool that can be pulled out from the drawer at the bottom of the bathroom vanity. This will ensure that your kids (and anyone else who plans to stay the at night) can access the bathroom sink ? improving their personal hygiene by letting them easily clean their teeth and clean their hands. The step stool is put away easily and hidden away when it is not being used. If you aren’t able to make the choice of incorporating a pull-out step stool Keep an extra step stool in your space so that your children are able to use it at any time they require it.

Double Vanities

Children fight over everything. They are always looking for the same things as their siblings. Although a bathroom sink might seem boring but you’ll be shocked to discover that your kids might still be fighting over who is the bigger space when they are at the sink , rubbing their teeth together.

To prevent this nightmare scenario, consider installing an additional vanity to ensure that each child can have their own sink to wash in while getting ready for the day or boarding off for bed. With two separate sinks that they can each have your own. You’ll reduce the time they spend waiting for their brush or fighting for space , and ensure their hygiene.

If you do not have a bathroom big enough to allow two vanity units You can put in an extra wide sink that has double faucets. A sink that is trough-style allows you to set up multiple handwashing and brushing stations, without compromising the need for counter space.

Multiple Hooks

A popular choice for bathroom designs is the towel rack? However, when designing a bathroom to accommodate children (or several children! ) It could be beneficial to have more hooks than. Hooks permit more towels to be put up on the wall to dry, and ensure that every child has a place to hang their towel. This reduces the chance of towels being placed on the floor or being thrown onto the bar for drying so that they aren’t drying correctly.

Extra Built-Ins

Based on how old your kids depending on their age, they could take many baths. It’s a messy task to bathe a child and it can be made more difficult if the shampoo or soap you require isn’t kept in a convenient location. One of our most popular ways to improve the storage capacity in bathrooms while making bathing more enjoyable is to put in built-in shelves that are set in the wall of your tub, allowing you to keep all the items you require within reach. If you have children who require different toiletries you can divide the items by placing the items of each child on their own shelf. You could even put some bath toys on the bottom shelf to make it accessible to children!

Pivoting Mirror

Based on the size and age of your child, they might struggle to see themselves in the mirror of the bathroom (even with the aid of a step stool). To make it easier for them, you can install an adjustable mirror that can be adjusted to fit their height. This will ensure that the mirror will continue in use throughout the years because it is able to be adjusted by every child according to their growing needs.



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