7 Best Magic Page Plugin Alternatives Compared (2023)

You must be familiar with the mass page builders but what if you are planning to switch to a magic page plugin alternative to get more perfect results and save dollars per month?

Before switching to a magic page plugin alternative, you have to ask yourself a few questions, the questions I thought before moving to a magic page plugin alternative.

  • Why am I paying a huge monthly payment?
  • What is another Magic Page Plugin alternative?
  • What organic results I would expect if I moved to another mass page builder?
  • I need better SEO results, so what are my choices other than Magic Page Plugin?

That is why we have put together this blog post to help you pay less for mass page websites.

So, do you want to know which magic page plugin alternative will generate high quality SEO Perfect mass pages? Read on to find out the better solution!

What are the best Magic Page Plugin Alternatives?

At a glance, the best Magic Page Plugin alternatives are:

  1. SEO Page Creator
  2. Mass Page Pro
  3. Page Generator Pro
  4. SERP Farm
  5. Local Pages Ninja
  6. Local Business Page Builder
  7. Workhorse SEO Plugin

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need a bulk mass page websites. You do not have to make only one mass page website but have to make many mass page websites. And paying a huge amount for every single website is not a good idea. So, a substitute for the magic page plugin is the right decision.

Why it is Worth Considering Magic Page Plugin Alternatives?

Magic Page Plugin is known to create quick spinning content mass pages to maximize the pages of a website. However, affiliate marketers do not need only the page multiplier but they also need better results in SERP.

On Magic Page Plugin, every single page has spinning machine generated content that Google never likes. Since Google has updated the BIRT algorithm, most of the websites made in the magic page plugin do not rank because of the content spinning.

There is another disadvantage of the magic page plug-in is that it creates thousands of pages without adding a unique image for every single city. If you do not have a city image on every single page Google considers it a duplicate page.

But there are also some Mass Page plug-in alternatives that make Pages with the uniqueness of images as well as the meta descriptions

Another thing that you experienceis that it charges you $99 per month per website which is not affordable for affiliate marketers who need more than one website.

You have probably hit a wall with some of magic page plug-ins biggest cons already and that is why you are looking at magic beach magic page plugin competitors:

  • No image uniqueness
  • No human written content
  • The high monthly payment for the plug-in
  • You lose your Mass Pages if you disconnect with the plug-in.

So let’s start with the first competitor of the magic page plug-in :

An Overview of the Best Magic Page Plugin Alternatives

#1. SEO page creator

SEO page Creator is one of the best Mass Page builders. Because of the uniqueness of every single page, it brings good results in Google SERP.

The most important feature in SEO Page Creator is you create HTML and export it on your server. You do not need to stay in contact with the SEO page creator’s server.

The important feature that makes your page creator unique is the uniqueness of every single image for the city and state pages. Regardless of how many pages you have each creates every single image for every single page and that is a unique mass image.

When it is said a mass image for that page it means not only the name or alt of the image is changed but the name of the image is also changed on every single page as well as the color of the image so if you have thousands of pages it will create thousands of images also.

The next important thing is human-written content unlike magic page plug-in SEO Page Creator creates human-written content, in other words, it does not create human-written content but they have a team of writers who write that relevant content for your industry. So Google like this type of content very much.

The next important feature of SEO creator is that you do not have to pay a heavy monthly fee there is a very small monthly fee that only saves your source code on the AWS server and is worth buying.

The worth mentioning thing is that they have a very knowledgeable SEO team that creates your Mass Pages website and push the HTML to your servers, it means you do not have to worry at all about the pages and the website because the team of SEO page creator, we will help you to make your website and up on your server.




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