5 Tips For Getting Your Audience to Stay on Your Website Longer

You’ve developed your own website for your company however, do you believe it’s enough? It is essential to provide a meal for your customers(I do not mean as ghosts or anything! However, you have to attract their attention by offering the products and information they want- of course, not unless you’re willing to throw away all the effort, time and money which you invest in creating your website!

Did you know that 70% of the people who leave or disappear from your website do not come back?

I’m hoping your website does not suffer from emotional abandonment problems (kidding)!

On a more serious note as a marketing professional, your aim is to get them to remain on your site and earn their confidence!

For some webmasters and marketersParticularly if startups are struggling to make users stay on their websites however, you can achieve it by using expert advice to keep your audience on the site.

What can you do to achieve this?

Here’s how to make your visitors stay longer on your site?

The first five seconds are the most effective way to make your visitors stick around on your website. This includes headlines and infographics, images as well as the time it takes to load your website. Most of us don’t visit websites for longer than 15 seconds – come on this is a fact and it’s a huge deterrent for marketers. With these tips for retaining visitors and tricks, those seconds can turn into minutes. Check out the strategies for better results.

1. The headline should be eye-catching. your content is clever

If you’re not sure create content that is amusing and entertaining! The most important reason why for people to stay on a site longer is because it is interesting to them! What can you do to get your readers to become awestruck by your site? Make your mark on your viewers and make them feel intelligent (even even if they’re not) and produce informative content. The most effective and precise strategies for communication can allow them to remain for a longer time. Certain styles of content to keep in mind

  • Be honest, transparent (not in a brutal way, never do this) and use a simple words.
  • If the topic is a serious subject Make people laugh, make them laugh. Use humor (not dark humor) Make it enjoyable.
  • Be a bit personal, as if you were in a one-on-one conversation. Your reader should take in your words as if they were their own.
  • Don’t ever make a statement that is demeaning or insulting to your readers. Be polite, sarcastic and funny and make them feel valued.

As I will keep you interested and engaged to read the entire book!

2. Your website is unique, therefore is your website!

The internet is flooded with billions of sites in existence, with thousands of them are in your specific niches! Your site can be one of a million when you create it as! Many websites are a complete waste of time and frankly horrible. They’re not necessarily your competition, and the majority of them are legitimate and unique. The competitors are less. It is your responsibility to beat your competitors by adding a dash of fun, individuality and excellence. Your website should have a character, a style that reflects your personality, a feeling and a reason to be talked about. Do not follow the crowd Be unique, stand out and let your readers be a part of your path!

3. Utilize technology to enhance your life

Google increases the rank of mobile-friendly websites, and every device is have been optimized. Do you think that this is a chance to grow your brand? Create a website that is mobile-friendly and user-friendly and, if you are able to improve your SEO, it’s more effective. Over 50% of the population is spending their time using their phones scrolling, browsing and scrollingIt’s handy! You can also leverage technology to to attract the attention of your customers to be drawn to you. that is, your website!

4. Let your website behave as an actual human being; show it an emotional tone!

Have you ever talked about Google Assistant or Siri? It’s a human experience, emotionally and responsive, particularly when you’re alone It’s a warm and welcoming experience and that’s exactly the impression you should provide your website. You must make sure you sound smart when communicating. To appear smart, you should not make use of a lot of vocabulary or jargon that is well-known and just speak to them as a normal person would. Your content should be told from a narrative approach, if it is possible it is also possible to be individual and personal with your visitors. Your readers must feel comfortable with your site.

5. Be aware of and understand your readers

An outstanding website is one that is aware of its customers and audience. If you’re within a certain segment and want your customers to stay longer on your site, you need to get your audience. Your audience should be treated as if they were from your family, your friends’ circle, or your coworker. How do you get to know them? Make all the above suggestions in practice. If you can, try communicating with your readers on a personal basis by responding to their messages, comments and emails.




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