5 Tips for Choosing a Tree for a Small Garden

It is a smart idea to choose a tree for small gardens. Trees that are well-placed and won’t outgrow their small spaces look great. They also provide shade. Many people aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to choosing and planting trees or caring for them. Tree Service Max will help you get started. Here are five ways to choose a tree in a small garden.

1. Understanding the Importance of the Size Your Garden Space

Before you choose a tree for your small backyard garden, it is important to consider the space and size of your garden. To ensure that your tree grows without restriction, you need to measure the size of your garden. You don’t want trees that can grow too big for a small space. They will eat up all of your space. Also, don’t plant trees that are too small as they may not be able to live up to your original goals. The right tree for the area you have mapped must be chosen.

It is important to consider the location of your garden. It is important to be aware of potential hazards such as below the power lines, so your trees don’t touch them once they are fully grown. It is also worth considering where the tree’s shadow falls during the day. It wouldn’t be a good idea for your tree to block sunlight from reaching your garden.

2. Choose the Tree You Want

Oregon and Washington have many species of trees. Do not choose randomly. Do your research. The first step is to determine your primary reason for planting the tree. Do you want to shade the tree? Aesthetics? Fruit purposes? You might use a combination of all three. These questions will help you to narrow down the best fit for your garden.

It can be difficult to choose a tree for small gardens, especially if it is not something you are familiar with. You can’t go wrong asking for help if you are unsure about the right tree or are trying to do this DIY. You can save time, money, stress and your time by hiring the best tree expert.

3. Filter to Find the Right Conditions

Consider the location of your small garden when choosing a tree. What are the growing conditions? It is important to determine how much sunlight the tree receives each day, what soil texture it has, and how moist the ground is. For example, not all trees will thrive in sandy soil. For optimal growth, some trees require loamy or heavy clay soil. Trees that have full sun for at least six hours per day are more likely to thrive. Some trees thrive in partial sun and partial shade. Be aware of the conditions in your garden.

There are many trees that can grow in Oregon yards. However, if you have to choose between native or exotic species, the indigenous ones will prevail. They are also more resistant to disease. They are also more likely to attract a variety of local birds as well as insects.

4. Get a clear picture of what the tree will look like at different times during the year

You care about curb appeal and aesthetics. Be aware of what you can expect from your tree each season. Deciduous trees undergo seasonal changes in color and then shed their leaves in autumn. They take on new colors in winter. Evergreen trees, like their name suggests, keep their green appearance throughout the year. While both types provide shade during summer, evergreens can withstand the harsh winter winds. If that is not an issue and you prefer to have sunlight in the winter, then a deciduous tree might be a good choice.

Your tree’s maintenance frequency will depend on the season and type of tree you have. It might be easier to avoid stress by choosing trees that require little maintenance.

5. Maintaining Tree Growth

Consider the physical characteristics of the tree when choosing a tree to plant in a small garden. To check for twists and bends in the trunk or roots, lift it from the container. It’s best to select a tree with a straight trunk, as this can make it difficult to straighten.

Container-grown trees are a good alternative, especially in small gardens with limited space for planting and growing.

A narrow, tree can also be planted in a small garden. This will make it less likely that the tree will outgrow your garden. For small gardens, narrow trees such as the sky pencil holly or skyrocket tree are excellent options.

Care and Planting of Your Tree

It can be difficult to choose a tree for small gardens. This requires patience and planning, but the end result is worth it when your garden is beautiful. Proper tree maintenance is essential to maintain your tree’s health and beauty. Tree Service Max offers residential, commercial, as well as industrial tree services. You can be sure to receive the best tree services with a team that includes certified arborists and professionals. Reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.



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