5 DIY Bathroom Renovations That Cost Less Than $100

Are you looking to transform your bathroom without spending a fortune? Finding the right remodeling your home can be overwhelming especially when you consider the expensive cost. It’s possible to make your bathroom look better by giving it a update even on a budget. Modern Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles Experts of Remodel Instantly can guide you on available modeling options for countertops, flooring, cabinets, tubs, showers, toilets, and accessories to find the perfect vision for your bathroom.

A full bathroom renovation can be costly, however, that doesn’t mean you should not update your outdated fixtures or cabinets to update your bathroom into a brand new style. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom for a less expensive cost, choose to make a few low-cost improvements that will improve the look of your bathroom. Keep reading as we discuss some affordable bathroom renovation tips for modernizing your bathroom without spending more than $100.

Refresh the cabinets

Imagine, with your eyes closed, your ideal bathroom. What’s the overall vibe of the room? Do you have white cabinets that brighten up the room? Do you prefer dark cabinets that create a dark style? Whatever colour scheme you like you can easily incorporate it to your bathroom with a paint job on the cabinet’s fronts.

In the event that your cabinets in bathroom are clean shape it is not necessary remove them completely in order in order to get the style you desire. Instead you can paint your cabinets to change their look. If you’re leaning towards neutral colors to create a minimalist space, or you are seeking something bright and bold that stands from the crowd, it is possible to take your cabinets to twenty-first century style.

As well as paint the cabinet, it is possible to switch out the hardware in order to change things up. Based on the overall design the bathroom will have, you can change knobs from traditional to concealed cabinet pulls. From handles and knobs to concealed cabinet pulls there’s a wide range of options to select from to make your bathroom look stunning.

Illuminate the Space

One one of the first things people are likely to notice when entering an bathroom is the lighting fixture. If you’ve not changed it, there’s a high possibility that you have a outdated light fixture that is lighting the bathroom! You can swap out the entire fixture in something contemporary or modern which will remove the 90s-style from your bath. The process of changing out the light fixture might seem a bit difficult however, most homeowners are able to do it themselves, which will allow you to pay more for fixtures and spend less hiring an electrician to perform all the work.

Install an Backsplash

Based on the area of your bathroom, an ideal alternative for a low-cost bathroom remodel is to put in an accent wall. Instead of having a dull wall painted that is behind your sink think about using the backsplash to create an unique focal wall that draws attention every time someone enters the bathroom.

Whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for, there’s tiles that will make your dream come true. Pick from a range of colors, sizes and shapes, as well as textures and prices to create stunning focal walls which enhances the overall look as well as feel.

Paint Your Floor Tile

A bathroom floor that is old-fashioned can be a major headacheit can ruin the look of the other components within the room. But, replacing your floors is a significant expense. Instead of tearing up your flooring and replacing it completely it is possible to consider painting your current flooring. Remodel Instantly even have a lovely glossy anti-slip and waterproof bathroom flooring making it ideal for a bathroom in Los Angeles, CA. The team Remodel Instantly is helpful for your home improvement project.

Perhaps the color of your flooring is unattractive and doesn’t match with the overall design. Opt for neutral colors like gray or white for an airy and clean space. If you’re looking to find something more mold-resistant than a neutral palette, you could opt for a more intricate style which adds dimensions and depth to the room, permitting your individuality and imagination to be seen.

Change the mirror

There’s no better way to transform the bathroom from boring to stunning than replacing a dull or outdated vanity mirror with one that represents the character of the bathroom. Instead of the standard mirror made of builder’s grade, you can consider choosing a mirror that is in line with the other elements of design in the bathroom, including the hardware. If you’ve chosen gold hardware, pick an elegant mirror with a strong gold frame. If you’ve installed modern black pulls for your drawers, consider installing the mirror with a modern black matte frame. Based on your budget you might be in a position to keep your current mirror, and then install a frame and change the appearance of the mirror for only a price that is a fraction of the price!



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