4 Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak in Your Commercial AC

Air conditioning units for commercial use can be more expensive than those used in homes. A fault within the commercial system could end up being very costly to fix if not discovered in time. Leaks in refrigerant are among the issues you could encounter in your commercial HVAC system. The refrigerant plays an important part in the efficient operation in your AC system. If you’re experiencing a shortage of refrigerant because of leaks that is causing a leak, your system will have to perform harder to cool your home, which could cause serious damages to components such as the compressor as well as high power costs. If you are searching for “best HVAC repair near you in Miami, FL” you will get dozens of names of HVAC contractors with attractive deals and packages. You should always be selective regarding your HVAC repair needs because you may ruin your HVAC system if handled by inexperienced and uncertified technicians. At Miami AC Repair Techs, we promise you fair pricing and Reliable HVAC Repair Service every time. Being able to recognize the symptoms of a leak of refrigerant in time can help you save from costly repairs. Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

Lower Cooling Power

The loss in cooling capacity is the initial obvious indication that you might be experiencing the leak of refrigerant. It’s due to the role that refrigerants play in the cooling process that is, in essence, absorbing heat of the commercial space and then dispersing it out. Any leaks in the refrigerant lines could cause your commercial space to be taking longer than normal to cool.


Frost accumulation on the refrigerant lines as well as other components such as evaporator coils as well as the fan motors can also be an sign of a refrigerant leak. If you experience an issue with refrigerant in the form of a leak, the refrigerant in refrigerant lines or coils will not absorb heat and will remain cold, so that the moisture on the surfaces of the coils will become frozen. Thus, keep an eye out for refrigerant lines that have iced up. 

Warm Air from the Registers

If you notice that the air flowing from your vents is a little warmer than normal this may be because of the leak of refrigerant somewhere. This is because low levels of refrigerant can influence the cooling power that your system of air conditioning has, causing it to more difficult to cool your room. Miami AC Repair Techs offers 24-hour AC repair services, so no matter what time of the day or night your AC has a problem, they are ready to help. They understand the stress of losing your air conditioning, which is why our team of Expert AC Technicians makes it their priority to repair your A/C unit to quickly diagnose the problem and find a solution that works for you.

Hissing/Bubbling Sounds

Be aware of any unusual sounds coming of your air conditioner when it’s running. The sounds of hissing or bubbling are typically a sign of refrigerant leaks. This is because, in the majority of cases, leaks are likely to be caused by tiny cracks or holes in refrigerant lines. That’s the reason you hear sounds similar to those that occur by air escaping through a punctured tube.

The best way to stop refrigerant leaks is to identify the source of the leak and then having it fixed. The idea of topping up the refrigerant might appear to be a less expensive option initially, but it could end up being expensive in the future since the refrigerant will leak, which means you’ll need to refill it over again. If you notice an issue with refrigerant in your air conditioning unit, call Emergency AC Repair Miami today.



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